Childcare apprenticeships: how to make your delivery a success

1st July 2020
Apprenticeships are popular programmes with childcare settings

How to make lockdown learning a success

4th June 2020
We’ve asked providers how they’re making remote learning work for them.

Apprenticeships: how to stay compliant during COVID-19

18th May 2020
Although the ESFA has suspended routine audits, providers still need to stay compliant.

Giving end-point assessors access to portfolios early could impact apprentice outcomes

5th May 2020
See our top tips for providers.

How will COVID-19 affect apprenticeships in the long run?

4th May 2020
The COVID-19 situation has created a ‘new normal’ in apprenticeships. Will it last?

How does OneFile improve data management?

27th April 2020
OneFile also has tons of built-in features to help centres improve data management.

How does OneFile increase teaching staff engagement?

15th April 2020
Keeping your teaching staff engaged is crucial to apprenticeship delivery.

What does furlough mean for apprentices?

6th April 2020
Find out what furlough means for apprentices, employers and training providers.

How to plan teaching and learning for your apprentices remotely

2nd April 2020
Find out how to plan teaching and learning remotely with OneFile.

How OneFile supports remote learning

26th March 2020
The Government has urged providers to deliver training remotely where possible.
2 cool young people looking at their mobile devices

The new COVID-19 guidance for apprenticeships: what we think

25th March 2020
What we think of the Government’s guidelines around apprenticeship delivery.

Working from home? Here’s how OneFile can help

17th March 2020
Working from home doesn’t have to impact teaching and learning.

How to recognise prior learning in apprenticeships

10th March 2020
Recognising prior learning (RPL) is a crucial part of apprenticeships.

Initial assessment is the most important part of apprenticeships

10th February 2020
Find out why we think the initial assessment is the most important part of apprenticeships.
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The best eportfolio for apprenticeships

10th February 2020
How do you know which apprenticeship eportfolio is best for your centre?