Enrol applicants completely remotely. With Enrol, you can manage every stage of the enrolment journey online – from collecting ESFA-compliant data to managing your prospect pipeline. You can transfer applicant data directly to the eportfolio in one click, so learners can start straightaway.  

Right learner, right course
Streamline processes

Streamline processes

Create, assign, sign, manage and review forms online with full visibility across the enrolment process. 

Save money

Save money

Reduce travel and admin costs with fully remote enrolment.  

Stay compliant

Stay compliant

Collect ESFA-compliant data that can be transferred directly to the eportfolio. 

Create forms to capture enrolment data

In the form builder, you can create templates using a range of different field types to build quality forms and ensure you have all the necessary data for a compliant enrolment process.

Recognise prior learning

Manage your enrolment pipeline

With Enrol, you’ll have full visibility across the pipeline so you can track which forms are pending, completed or awaiting approval. You'll have the insights you need to forecast your workload and streamline your processes.

Securely store and easily access enrolment data

You can build records for all your learners, employers and courses, so enrolment data is easy to navigate and securely stored in one place. The system will prompt you to complete required fields – like DOB, employer details, unique learner numbers – ensuring data is complete, correct and easy to access 

Skills assessment
Right learner, right course

Transfer data directly to the eportfolio

Instantly convert successful applicants into ‘learners’ by transferring their records directly to the eportfolio in one click. Simply select from the centres, classrooms and assessors assigned to your organisationData is transferred automatically, saving you time and helping to avoid data entry errors.  

Easy enrolment from start to finish

· Custom forms · Pipeline visibility · Data records · Eportfolio integration   

Easy for everyone to use

For staff involved in the enrolment process, Enrol will be their go-to system – but most applicants will only complete the enrolment forms once. That’s why we’ve made sure it’s easy to use for everyone. Applicants and employers simply click the link in their email to complete the form, and data is automatically sent back to Enrol for approval. It couldn’t be easier.  

See it in action

To find out more about Enrol, book a demo with a member of our team.