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Over the last year, apprenticeships have been delivered remotely more than ever before. It’s been a huge challenge for many providers – but not those using OneFile. OneFile makes remote learning easy. You can create learning plans, set assignments, create learning content, test knowledge, track progress, complete reviews, safeguard apprentices and even support learners though gateway and EPA. OneFile has everything you need to support learners remotely – that's why hundreds of providers are using OneFile to support their remote delivery in lockdown and beyond.

"Not only has OneFile enabled direct access to students and progress during lockdown, I've now become a distance-learning centre which has allowed me to target a wider audience."

Samantha Bell

Education for Dental

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Plan, set and sign off assignments online

Keep your learners on track and engaged with online assignments. With OneFile, you can plan work, set assignments, provide feedback, monitor progress and schedule reviews in one place. You can deliver teaching and learning 100% remotely. 

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Create learning content and check knowledge

Create and assign content for learners to complete wherever they are. Content is mapped to criteria so it counts towards progress, and you can create quizzes to test knowledge and prepare learners for EPA.

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Safeguard and support learners

Learners may need extra support during lockdown, so check in with them on OneFile. You can schedule remote reviews via Microsoft Teams to set work, provide feedback and complete safeguarding checks – helping learners feel motivated and supported while they’re working from home.

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Track progress easily online

Help learners take control of their journey with OneFile’s progress features. Learners can see their progress percentages increase as they complete work. Tutors can schedule reviews to track off-the-job progress, identify gaps in learning and create individual learning plans and monitor progress.

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Increase engagement and maintain compliance

Now learners are at home, they have even more distractions than usual – so use OneFile to send feedback, set alerts and message learners. All feedback is recorded so you have the evidence you need to claim funding during lockdown and show how you’ve supported learners in future audits.

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Keep staff and students informed

Share important information with all your staff and students using OneFile’s centre announcements feature. You can post coronavirus updates, safeguarding information, motivational messages or top tips for good mental health. It’s the easy way to keep everyone in the loop.

Make remote learning a success in lockdown and beyond

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Increase learner engagement

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Safeguard learners

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Reduce delivery costs

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Maintain 'business as normal' 

“My learners are actually 37% more engaged since we transitioned to home learning thanks to OneFile!”

Tracey Wood, head of business development

West Suffolk College

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