How to recognise prior learning in apprenticeships

10th March 2020
Recognising prior learning (RPL) is a crucial part of apprenticeships.

Initial assessment is the most important part of apprenticeships

10th February 2020
Find out why we think the initial assessment is the most important part of apprenticeships.
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The best eportfolio for apprenticeships

10th February 2020
How do you know which apprenticeship eportfolio is best for your centre?
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Ofsted’s annual report: what did they say about apprenticeships?

3rd February 2020
The sector is always poised to hear what Ofsted has to say about apprenticeships.

How to align your curriculum to the apprenticeship standard

23rd January 2020
Use these practical tips to align your curriculum to the apprenticeship standard.

Increasing diversity in apprenticeships

21st January 2020
We spoke to Isa Mutlib from BAME Apprenticeship Alliance to discuss the issue.
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End-point assessment: frequently asked questions

16th January 2020
We’ve gathered answers to 10 frequently asked questions about end-point assessment.

Why is gap analysis important in apprenticeships?

13th January 2020
Gap analysis takes progress planning and tracking to the next level.

Comparing eportfolios: OneFile vs other elearning platforms

6th January 2020
Find out why OneFile is the leading software for apprenticeships, trusted by 700,000 users.

How to develop your apprenticeship curriculum with the employer

17th December 2019
Follow these 5 phases of developing your curriculum with the employer.
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The ESFA has updated the off-the-job training rules… again

12th December 2019
We’re looking at the ESFA’s proposed changed to the off-the-job training rules – and finding solutions.

Planning for a successful gateway

31st October 2019
Since the new standards were introduced, the gateway has been a mystery – but not any more!
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Using OneFile to deliver Functional Skills

4th October 2019
The new Functional Skills in English and maths have more content than ever before.
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The best way to record 20% off-the-job training

2nd October 2019
At OneFile, we’ve created an off-the-job training tracker that’s easy to use on the go.
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What’s new in the 2019 functional skills reform?

20th September 2019
The new Functional Skills qualifications have different modules, assessments and content.
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Inspirational Women in Apprenticeships Conference

17th September 2019
Yesterday was App4England’s third Women in Apprenticeships Conference.
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Inspirational Women in Apprenticeships – part 2

17th September 2019
This is the 2nd instalment of the Inspirational Women in Apprenticeships Conference.
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How to implement your apprenticeship curriculum

14th August 2019
Ofsted wants providers to demonstrate their curriculum intent, implementation and impact
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A special relationship: sharing apprenticeship success in the US

31st July 2019
The focus this year was on digital and healthcare.  
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How to build an apprenticeship curriculum

31st July 2019
Ofsted wants providers to design their own curriculum intent
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Level 2 apprenticeships are key to social mobility

29th July 2019
Give everyone the opportunity to study without the financial burden of university fees.  
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How to stretch and challenge apprentices

24th July 2019
How do you know when apprentices are ready for that extra push?

Much ado about apprenticeships

19th July 2019
Employers from across the country piled into Barclay’s Eagle Labs for a busy morning all about apprenticeships
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What is apprenticeship curriculum intent and how do I implement it?

18th July 2019
Ofsted and its new-found focus on curriculum.
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Non-levy payers can now use the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS)

19th June 2019
The moment we’ve all been waiting for…
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How can learning analytics impact apprenticeships?

17th June 2019
Find out what learning analytics you can use to impact apprenticeship delivery.
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Are Scottish employers losing money to the apprenticeship levy?

10th May 2019
This is a complicated and controversial topic…
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What’s the ROI of apprenticeships?

1st May 2019
Here are 5 big fat reasons you should invest in apprenticeships.

Why settle for second-best software?

25th April 2019
Using software that isn’t right for the job doesn’t make sense. So why do people do it?

How to benchmark learning in apprenticeships

17th April 2019
Find out what benchmarking, why it’s important and what Ofsted thinks.