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For almost 20 years OneFile have pioneered EdTech, supporting over 1.7 million people to learn for their future.

We prioritise the experiences of our customers above all else, investing in award-winning support teams as well as designing a learning platform that's efficient, engaging and works with all apprenticeships, training and vocational qualifications. When you partner with OneFile you become part of a movement to shape the future of learning. We're so much more than software.

That’s why organisations switch to us and stay with us.

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Make your pre-enrolment process cost-effective, convenient and compliant.


With OneFile Enrol, you can manage every stage of the enrolment journey online – from collecting ESFA-compliant data to managing your prospect pipeline. You can transfer applicant data directly to the eportfolio in one click, so learners can start straight away.


With OneFile's ILR, you can collect all the individual learner records you need to submit to the ESFA in one place. Learner data is validated against the ESFA’s latest apprenticeship funding rules, so you can be confident that what you’re submitting is as accurate as possible.


Whether you’re delivering apprenticeship frameworks, standards or vocational qualifications, choose the Eportfolio. It has all the features you need to deliver impactful, individualised learning – and improve quality, save money and increase efficiency at the same time.

Learning Hub

Learners can access learning content, complete quizzes, reflect on their learning and rate their understanding as they progress. Employers and tutors can work together to support the learner throughout their journeyIt’s the perfect add-on to your existing eportfolio. 

Meet your goals

We’ve done our research and asked over 200 customers how OneFile has helped them meet their organisational goals from increased learner engagement to reduced delivery costs.


Increase learner engagement


Increase employee engagement


Improve quality management


Reduce delivery costs


Increase employer engagement


Increase data management

More than just a software

OneFile comes with prebuilt standards, onboarding support and online training as standard – so you can get up and running as quickly as possible. And if you need it, we can build bespoke qualifications and manage your centre for you.

Apprenticeship software you can take for granted

OneFile is the most popular apprenticeship software – built by experts, backed by a community of over 1 million users.

The Open University
North Bristol NHS Trust
The City of Edinburgh Council
The Manchester College

Winner of the Queen's Award for Innovation in 2017 & 2022

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"OneFile's eportfolio increases the quality of training, reduces errors and saves our business tons of time and money."

Dave Ambler, quality assurance consultant


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