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See progress at a glance

Learners can see their progress on live dashboards as soon as they log in. This motivates learners as they can track their growth and see how each learning activity impacts their overall outcome. It’s great for learner engagement.

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Manage learners in one place

Progress data is also shown on tutor and employer dashboards, with click-throughs to reports. This gives tutors the insights they need to provide personalised support to learners – whether they’re at risk, on track or high-performing.

Run prebuilt reports

OneFile has over 75 built-in reports – from tracking off-the-job training to activity logs. They’re great for Ofsted inspections and quality audits. Plus, they’re easy to run – just click and go.

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Create custom reports

Tutors, employers and administrators can create custom reports to access the data they need. OneFile is all about accessibility audits, inspections, management reports... consider it done.

Export real-time data

Data isn’t confined to OneFile. Tutors and employers can export the data they need and then import it to business intelligence tools or other platforms. They can access data offline too with OneFile's daily data exports. 

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The reporting features in OneFile are amazing. Just a couple of clicks and the data is there. Everything is fully traceable and auditable."

Jo Mabbutt, project coordinator
Liveries Companies Apprenticeship Scheme

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