Funding adjustment calculator

Calculate, evidence and protect apprenticeship funding

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Choose from prebuilt standards

OneFile stores hundreds of prebuilt standards that can be imported into the funding calculator. The typical duration and maximum funding band for each standard will be populated in the calculator and can be tailored to suit each centre.

Prebuilt standards
calculate funding adjustment

Calculate funding adjustments automatically

Finance data can be used to set up a funding calculator that outlines the baseline delivery costs for each apprenticeship standard. Percentage reductions can be set for prior learning so the funding claim, course duration and number of face-to-face visits are automatically adjusted for each applicant.

Check the viability of applicants

When an applicant has completed their skills assessment, the funding calculator will reduce the funding claim according to their prior learning. It will be clear to see whether it's viable to deliver the apprenticeship or not – protecting profitability and learner success.

Viability of applicant
Protect apprenticeship funding

Protect apprenticeship funding

Costs are split into two sections – variable delivery costs and fixed admin costs. The funding calculator will only reduce funding thats used for training delivery – like materials, travel and off-the-job training. It will protect costs that are reserved for admin, software and mandatory qualifications – so providers can claim more apprenticeship funding without risking clawback. 


“For years, adjusting programme cost and length according to prior learning has been a challenge for training providers. The funding adjustment calculator is a genuine solution, helping providers do the right thing by their apprentices, employers and funding bodies.”

Matthew Smith, learning systems manager

Interserve Learning & Employment

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