How to return monthly ILR (individualised learner record)

14th October 2020
When your ILR data is correct, returning the monthly ILR is actually quite simple.

What is ILR data and how should it be returned?

22nd September 2020
ILR data is a major part of apprenticeship delivery, funding and compliance.

ESFA audits are back!

3rd September 2020
After a 5-month suspension, routine funding audits are returning for apprenticeship providers.

The new apprenticeship funding rules – 2020/21

27th August 2020
The changes affect the entire apprenticeship journey – from initial assessment to gateway.

What do employer-providers need to know about the ESFA?

7th July 2020
Employer-providers have more rules to follow than regular training providers.

What happens if my organisation gets a bad ESFA audit result?

15th June 2020
A bad audit result could impact your reputation, revenue or even put you out of business.

Apprenticeship providers: what to expect in an ESFA audit

9th June 2020
Find out the most common errors made by apprenticeship providers
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How does OneFile improve ROI of apprenticeship delivery?

6th April 2020
Here are 7 ways OneFile improves ROI – from templates to reporting.
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Apprenticeship funding rules for training providers

5th March 2020
Here are some rules to follow when you’re claiming apprenticeship funding.
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Using the apprenticeship levy to upskill employees

28th February 2020
One of the most effective ways to upskill staff is with apprenticeships.

How do employers know how much to pay for an apprenticeship?

19th February 2020
Follow these steps to find out how much your apprenticeship training should cost.
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Levy transfer: revolutionising apprenticeships in the West Midlands

1st August 2019
WMCA has started an apprenticeship revolution.
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Is the apprenticeship levy still working?

17th June 2019
Employers don’t seem in a rush to make the most of their levy funds.
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Levy reallocation limit to rise to 25%

1st October 2018
Starts in September 2018 were down 40% on the same month in 2016…

Levy pooling: a step in the right direction

2nd August 2018
Find out more about how levy pooling works and the benefits.