Capella Associates – Award Winning Data Usage

4th September 2023
Capella Associates are an independent training provider who have putting their trust in OneFile since 2020. Recently, they have achieved a Gold Award for Innovation at The Learning Excellence awards in Birmingham, highlighting their on-going commitment to advancing education.

OneFile User Conference: Let’s Talk Ofsted

24th July 2023
At our OneFile User Conference, Lou Doyle, Co-founder & CEO of Mesma, joined us for a captivating journey through Ofsted insights! We learnt about the pressures in the apprenticeship sector, the importance of balanced starts, and aiming higher than 67% achievement rates.

OneFile User Conference: Ofsted Session

13th July 2023
At our OneFile User Conference, the Ofsted session – Ofsted Outstanding: User stories (With Susanna Lawson, Exeter College and Educationwise) was quite a hit.

Five ways you can be ‘box clever’ in delivering apprenticeships and training

20th June 2023
Sometimes it’s hard being the ‘Tyson Fury’ of EdTech…

Here we are, ‘packing a punch’ by getting twice as many completions as the national average.

But we’re playing in the same ‘ring’ as providers whose technology doesn’t even work properly…

What is an Ofsted deep dive?

15th June 2023
A deep dive is a phrase given to the process that inspectors use to gain a deeper
understanding of a provider’s curriculum and relationships with partners.
In an Ofsted inspection focused on apprenticeships, a deep dive would involve a thorough
examination of the quality of the apprenticeship provision offered by the education or
training provider.

In pursuit of Ofsted Outstanding

15th May 2023
OneFile held an Ofsted webinar sharing the themes found during the most recently published Ofsted Annual Report. There were over 1,000 registrations for the webinar which demonstrates the interest in the topic.

Apprenticeship Funding Rules – August 2023 to July 2024

27th April 2023
Some apprenticeship providers might be breathing a sigh of relief after government released its latest draft of funding rules for apprenticeships. It’s a mixed bag. The Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) relaxed rules around breaks in employment, and the achievement of functional skills in Maths and English. But it’s also tightened up requirements on progress and documenting status around recognition of prior learning.

Four ways you can boost sustainability with OneFile – without even realising!

21st April 2023
As the UK’s leading provider of software for vocational training, we’re seeing thousands of colleges, training providers, universities, local authorities and employers reduce their environmental impact and maximise sustainability by shifting the management of vocational training from paper, to online.

All you need to know about the new proposed changes to off-the-job and prior learning announced by the ESFA

5th June 2022
All you need to know about the new proposed changes to off-the-job and prior learning announced by the ESFA (May 2022) ESFA has announced some key changes to apprenticeship funding rules for the 2022/2023 intake year which have been designed…

Ofsted Annual Report 2021: What We Learnt About the FE & Skills Sector

9th December 2021
This year has been no ordinary year, in fact we could say it has been one of the most challenging as a provider and as a learner.

How to enrol learners the easy way

26th July 2021
Enrolling learners can be time-consuming, repetitive, and difficult to track. With OneFile Enrol, you can manage every stage of the enrolment journey online.

The new RoATP – what’s different and how can I prepare?

22nd July 2021
Article by: SDN | All apprenticeship providers will need to reapply to the RoATP in 2021-22. Here’s how you can prepare.

5 things you need to know about the 20/21 apprenticeship funding rules

30th March 2021
What’s new in the 20/21 apprenticeship funding rules?

How should providers assess prior learning in apprenticeships? Advice from DfE

1st December 2020
Best-practice approaches to prior learning.

What’s the ROI of the RPL Funding Calculator?

19th November 2020
From financial savings to increased learner engagement – what returns can you expect?

How to return monthly ILR (individualised learner record)

14th October 2020
When your ILR data is correct, returning the monthly ILR is actually quite simple.

What is ILR data and how should it be returned?

22nd September 2020
ILR data is a major part of apprenticeship delivery, funding and compliance.

ESFA audits are back!

3rd September 2020
After a 5-month suspension, routine funding audits are returning for apprenticeship providers.

The new apprenticeship funding rules – 2020/21

27th August 2020
The changes affect the entire apprenticeship journey – from initial assessment to gateway.

What do employer-providers need to know about the ESFA?

7th July 2020
Employer-providers have more rules to follow than regular training providers.

What happens if my organisation gets a bad ESFA audit result?

15th June 2020
A bad audit result could impact your reputation, revenue or even put you out of business.

Apprenticeship providers: what to expect in an ESFA audit

9th June 2020
Find out the most common errors made by apprenticeship providers
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How does OneFile improve ROI of apprenticeship delivery?

6th April 2020
Here are 7 ways OneFile improves ROI – from templates to reporting.
Lots of hands holding up different icons like a clock, target and light bulb

Apprenticeship funding rules for training providers

5th March 2020
Here are some rules to follow when you’re claiming apprenticeship funding.
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Using the apprenticeship levy to upskill employees

28th February 2020
One of the most effective ways to upskill staff is with apprenticeships.

How do employers know how much to pay for an apprenticeship?

19th February 2020
Follow these steps to find out how much your apprenticeship training should cost.
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Levy transfer: revolutionising apprenticeships in the West Midlands

1st August 2019
WMCA has started an apprenticeship revolution.
student and tutor talking

Is the apprenticeship levy still working?

17th June 2019
Employers don’t seem in a rush to make the most of their levy funds.
man pointing down

Levy reallocation limit to rise to 25%

1st October 2018
Starts in September 2018 were down 40% on the same month in 2016…

Levy pooling: a step in the right direction

2nd August 2018
Find out more about how levy pooling works and the benefits.