How to talk to LGBTQ+ students

1st April 2020
Speaking to people with different gender identities or sexualities can be confusing.

How does OneFile improve quality management?

23rd March 2020
How exactly does OneFile improve quality management?

What do parents and students think about degree apprenticeships?

5th March 2020
Here what students and parents think about degree apprenticeships.

Degree apprenticeships: the story so far

17th February 2020
Since they were introduced 5 years ago, degree apprenticeships have really taken off.

How to deliver degree apprenticeships

12th November 2019
Degree apprenticeships are delivered by HEIs – but they’re very different to traditional degree programmes.

How do universities apply to the RoATP?

4th November 2019
Use our step-by-step guide to help your organisation ace the RoATP application.

How do degree apprenticeships increase student and employer engagement?

31st October 2019
Degree apprenticeships bring huge benefits to HEIs – including increased student and employer engagement.
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Benefits of degree apprenticeships for universities

25th October 2019
Over 25% of all apprenticeships delivered in the UK are at higher or degree level.
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How are degree apprenticeships regulated?

17th October 2019
Everyone involved in degree apprenticeships is responsible for quality – the HEI, employer, assessment organisation and even the apprentice.
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How to track off-the-job training in higher apprenticeships

17th October 2019
Higher apprentices must spend a minimum of 20% of their contracted hours completing off-the-job training.
Degree apprenticeship graduation

Degree apprenticeships: a successful failure?

24th April 2019
Degree apprenticeships had a slow start, they’re outperforming apprenticeships at other levels.
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How can tech boost your Ofsted grade?

14th January 2019
Ofsted inspections often cause panic for education providers.
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7 reasons to use OneFile for legal apprenticeships 

27th November 2018
Legal apprenticeships are becoming a popular option for law firms. 
2018 calendar

The 2018 functional skills reforms

8th August 2018
The new functional skills in English and maths will be ready to deliver in September 2019
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2018: a year of risk and opportunity for FE

27th March 2018
It’s a big year in FE – the Baker Clause, Brexit and so much more.