How have providers used OneFile to maintain remote delivery during lockdown?

Hear the creative ways other colleges have used OneFile during lockdown.

How have providers used OneFile to maintain remote delivery during lockdown?

Since lockdown was first announced, many providers have been forced to pivot to remote delivery – often much more quickly than ever planned! The transition has been sudden, but providers have done an excellent job in changing their delivery methods and making the best of a trying situation.

Unfortunately, we can’t get together to share best practice right now, but some of our lovely customers have kindly recorded videos from their home offices to share how they’ve used OneFile to maintain remote delivery during lockdown and beyond.

Cat Heaton, an electrical work-based tutor at Hopwood Hall College, recorded this video explaining how they’ve used OneFile to maintain training and assessment during lockdown.

Hopwood Hall College have relied on OneFile to track and assess apprentices during lockdown.

Cat explains that OneFile has been instrumental as they can use the system to complete reviews 100% remotely. She can call apprentices on the phone to complete the review, make notes into the system or upload a voice recording as evidence, and get employer feedback.

OneFile has also supported their assessments. They use OneFile to set assessment, complete the assessment via video call, and upload the recording to OneFile as evidence. It’s meant that apprentices have been able to progress with their programme event during lockdown.

Even when we get back to normal or if there are any further restrictions in place due to Covid, we can still keep apprentices on track, assess them, review them and keep it all up to date on OneFile. I’ve been very happy with the system and my apprentices are very confident with it.

During lockdown, 90% of providers have increased learner support or performed extra safeguarding checks using OneFile. Providers have been really creative in how they’ve supported learners during this time – from creating mental health awareness courses to posting inspirational quotes.


Lisa Parish from West Suffolk College explains the creative ways they’ve used OneFile to support learners:

We used OneFile’s centre announcements to communicate about wellbeing sessions we were running. We also sent messages from our vice principal who was keen to reach out to students and send encouraging message and say well done for their engagement and progress during lockdown.’

OneFile was designed to support remote learning. It has tons of built-in features to help you complete the apprenticeship journey 100% remotely – from pre-enrolment to gateway.

Thank goodness for OneFile. They’ve enabled us to keep working with our apprentices in this uncertain time.’ Uxbridge College

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