Check in with your learners wherever you are

Schedule reviews

Tutors can schedule reviews with learners in person, over the phone or via video call. Employers can make comments to provide support, make suggestions and celebrate success.

two people over a progress chart

Track progress over time

As learners progress towards milestones, tutors and employers can use reviews to check in with them, assess their progress and offer the feedback they need. It’s the quick, convenient and effective way to provide support.

Customise reviews

Create and customise review templates. This means it’s easy to capture bespoke data and standardise reviews across your centre.


Sign on the go

With OneFile’s auditable electronic signatures, learners, tutors and employers can sign online anytime, anywhere, on any device. It means there’s less waiting around for signatures.

"The reviews are especially useful. The assessor can see the previous review at a glance and amend it accordingly. This saves time and aids planning alongside the gap analysis."

Tina Westwood-Hennah, assessor and internal verifier  

Selby College 

Get reviews

You’ll find reviews in the Eportfolio and Learning Hub package.