Check in with your learners wherever you are

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Schedule reviews

Although you can't travel to visit learners in person at the moment, you can arrange a video call to meet your learners remotely with OneFile. You can schedule reviews, ask learners to demonstrate their skills via video and see how they're settling in to working and training from home. It's a great way to provide personal support without meeting in person.

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Track progress over time

As learners progress towards milestones, tutors and employers can use reviews to check in with them, assess their progress and offer the feedback they need. You can also complete remote reviews or professional discussions easily online, record the conversation and upload it as evidence. It’s the quick, convenient and effective way to provide support from home.

Customise reviews

Whether you want to schedule a quick catch-up or complete a safeguarding check, you can make remote reviews work for you. You can capture bespoke data and standardise reviews across your centre. Information captured is stored in OneFile, so you can demonstrate how you've been providing extra support to learners in these uncertain times.

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Track off-the-job progress

As well as OneFile's off-the-job training tracker, you can use reviews to track learner progress towards the 20% minimum requirement. You can capture off-the-job hours when a review is started and see exactly how learners have progressed since their last review. It's the easy way to track progress towards the 20% target.

Sign on the go

With OneFile’s auditable electronic signatures, learners, tutors and employers can sign online anytime, anywhere, on any device. It means there’s less waiting around for signatures.

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"Thank goodness for OneFile this week. They've enabled us to keep working with our apprentices in this uncertain time."

Uxbridge College

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