Integration Hub

Enabling End-To-End Seamless Integration

The OneFile Integration Hub facilitates the seamless exchange of information between the OneFile products, thus enabling the free flow of data across our entire solution. Users can simply input data once into any of our products, and the Integration Hub then enables it to be seamlessly transferred into other modules. The data flow can be two way ie OneFile Enrol to OneFile Eportfolio and vice versa, ensuring accuracy and consistency across the board.

Integration Hub
Improve efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Through the reduction of manual data entry, the OneFile Integration Hub saves you time and reduces the possibility of errors.


Data flow management

Data Flow Management

The hub controls the flow of data between not only OneFile products, but third party solutions, ensuring data is delivered accurately and securely.

Third party Integrations

Flexibility and Scalability

Designed to handle a wide range of integrations, making it easier to accommodate new applications and data services as your internal systems evolve.

Third party integration

Through the use of APIs, the OneFile Integration Hub enables seamless data sharing between OneFile solutions and third-party products. It acts as a bridge that ensures information flows smoothly, enhancing the overall experience. This real-time data exchange is highly beneficial for both learners and tutors, allowing for immediate updates between systems, which is so important to learners and tutors.

Third party apps through api
Instant essaging and remote views

Streamline processes

Minimising manual data entry not only reduces the risk of errors but also enhances data accuracy, maintaining the integrity of information. This streamlined approach helps optimise operations and overall workflow efficiency. By automating the transfer of data between systems, tutors save time, meaning increased productivity, measurable financial savings, and larger caseloads without compromising quality.

See it in action

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