Premier Services

More time to do what you do best

Make the most of OneFile with Premier Services. You'll receive fast-tracked support and be able to hand over time-consuming tasks to us – like creating custom forms, building learning plans and remapping learners – so you’ll have more time to do what you do best: deliver outstanding learning.

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Why use Premier Services?


We’re experts in our trade and can perform tasks faster and more cost effectively – so you know you’re getting the best return on investment from OneFile. We’ll set you up with new, relevant features when they’re released – so you’ll have everything you need to deliver impactful training.

We’re all OneFile champions here – so there’s no risk of losing knowledge if your trained-up OneFile expert leaves (or even goes on holiday!).

Some of the most popular Premier Services

Centre configuration  

We'll get your centre set up to your requirements from day one. We'll switch on all the recommended settings, add resources for your learners and staff, and get you set up on the system. If you have multiple centres, we can standardise them for you.  

Reporting and Ofsted support 

If you have an inspection coming up and you need a little help getting your data together, our team will build the reports you need. We'll also collate any data you need on a monthly basis and send it out to you. 

Templates and forms  

We’ll create your written questions workbooks, templates and forms, so everything’s ready for you and your learners.  

Creating courses

If you're using our Learning Hub, we'll build the courses your learners need to complete their programmes.

Fast-track qualifications  

We'll build 2 of your main aim qualifications on the double. The qualifications you request will be built within 5 days, no matter how many learners you have. 

Creating user accounts 

We’ll input all your learners, tutors, IQAs and employers, and ensure that all your users have their account details when they need them. If you need to change permissions or remove users, just let us know.  

What's included?

There are 3 packages available depending on the number of learners at your centre. Each package includes days you can allocate for OneFile experts to work on tasks for your centre. In each case, 1 day is equivalent to 8 hour’s work, and you can add extra days to your package at any time.

3 day package - recommended for centres with 50-249 learners

6 day package - recommended for centres with 250-999 learners

9 day package - recommended for centres with 1000+ learners

How do I sign up?

To sign up to Premier Services, speak to a member of our team on 0161 638 3876 and press option 2 or email [email protected]. 

Or to find out more about all Premier Services on offer, download our brochure.