What are traineeships? How can you use OneFile to deliver them?

10th November 2020
Traineeships are a great opportunity for learners and employers.

How does OneFile increase employer engagement?

27th May 2020
OneFile is popular with big brands like Specsavers, Costa and Siemens.

How does OneFile increase learner engagement?

16th March 2020
OneFile is proven to increase engagement – but how?
two people collaborating

Diversity in tech is a must

3rd February 2020
If you’re developing software for a diverse userbase, you need a diverse tech team.
People in a classroom working together

Staff development has never been more important

17th June 2019
Companies can’t continuously recruit new staff to fill their skills gap.
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How do you know training is working?

17th June 2019
Three things you need to measure to find out if your training is working.

How can data drive learning and development?

8th May 2019
Find out how you can use big data to drive big results for your business.
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What is the Adult Education Budget and how can I use it?

18th March 2019
A great resource for employers to upskill their workforce and support staff with career progression.

What are the benefits of blended learning?

7th February 2019
Technology has transformed how we teach and learn.
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Using an eportfolio for access HE courses

4th February 2019
Online learning is great for tutors and students – especially if you use an eportfolio.
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How to support access HE students

31st January 2019
Access HE courses offer people a second chance. 
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Who does OneFile integrate with?

23rd January 2019
Our software is all about making a difference to people’s lives. We want to help people learn.
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Should employers be involved in evaluating learners?

23rd January 2019
The short answer is: yes. And there are 3 main reasons why…
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Recording solicitors’ CPD

17th January 2019
Instead of spending 16 hours a year ‘pretending to learn something’, they can identify their own learning gaps.

10 ways OneFile makes training cheaper (and better)

8th January 2019
No matter what type of training you deliver, OneFile is for you.