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How can training providers improve ROI?

15th April 2019
Find out how templates, integrations and software can save your centre money.
end point assessment EPA

What’s the employer’s role in end-point assessments?

5th April 2019
Employers have a huge role to play – from supporting learners to paying for the EPA.
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Ofsted’s new rules: straight from the horse’s mouth

2nd April 2019
All the latest from Osfted – curriculum, milestones and the gateway.
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5 reasons training providers should invest in tech

28th March 2019
Here are 5 big fat reasons you should invest in tech.
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Using OneFile for on- and off-the-job training

22nd March 2019
With OneFile, managing both on- and off-the-job training is second nature.
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Pros and cons of being an employer-provider

19th March 2019
There’s a lot to consider, so we’ve weighed up the pros and cons to make your decision easier
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New apprenticeship providers: how to prepare for Ofsted

18th February 2019
Here’s the lowdown on Ofsted inspections for new providers.
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What advice does Ofsted have for monitoring visits?

14th February 2019
Ofsted has rolled out early monitoring visits within the first 2 years.
Women in apprenticeships

The Women in Apprenticeships Conference 2019

4th February 2019
Chaired by OneFile’s CEO, Susanna Lawson, and organised by Lindsay McCurdy.
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Apprenticeships have revolutionised accountancy

7th December 2018
Becki Hunter head of apprenticeships and her journey with the new apprenticeship standards. 
Learning hub launch

Learning Hub Launch: what did we learn? 

29th November 2018
The launch of OneFile’s new Learning Hub, hosted at the Tunnel Club, Ethiad Stadium.
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#Seedifferent: Be different

29th November 2018
100 people met at the University of Manchester to discuss how apprenticeship diversity supports business performance and growth.

RoATP: redesigned

27th November 2018
When the RoATP was first introduced, it contained completely different quality requirements to the old ROTO system.
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Using OneFile for all levels of apprenticeships

26th November 2018
Our learning management system can be used for all vocational training across all sectors.
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How to use OneFile for hairdressing apprenticeships

23rd November 2018
Salons need a simple, flexible and convenient way to deliver training to their apprentices.
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The land of opportunity for apprenticeships

19th November 2018
This was the 4th TAEF I’ve been on, and it definitely feels like momentum has shifted up a couple of gears.
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Quality in apprenticeships – stories from across the pond

14th November 2018
It’s National Apprenticeship Week in America – a celebration of all things apprenticeships.
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How to make employer-led apprenticeships a success

2nd November 2018
They’re on the ground mentoring, coaching and guiding apprentices through their programme.
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Using an eportfolio: frameworks vs standards

1st November 2018
Many providers unsure how to use an eportfolio to manage apprenticeship standards effectively.
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How to keep apprentices engaged in the workplace

16th October 2018
Apprenticeships are a great way for employers to build the skills they need in their business.

If you’re delivering standards like frameworks, you’re doing it wrong

12th October 2018
Many providers are struggling with standards
end point assessment EPA

End-point assessment – what’s the point?

12th October 2018
A Managing Directors thoughts about end-point assessment: 
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How to track KSBs using an eportfolio

8th October 2018
KSBs must be met by the apprentice, and be evidenced and assessed 
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Can you use an eportfolio to deliver the new standards?

3rd October 2018
The way learners are evaluated has changed… so eportfolios have had to change too

Why are level 2 apprenticeships important?

2nd October 2018
The amount of lower level apprenticeships has fallen in recent years.
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How can providers impact careers advice at school?

25th September 2018
Schools have always used grades and university places to measure success.
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What are T levels?

13th September 2018
T-levels will have at least 900 teaching hours – more than double other technical programmes – and include compulsory work placements.
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Develop skills through apprenticeships

13th September 2018
Apprenticeships are a great way for businesses to develop a skilled yet loyal workforce.

Is youth unemployment still a problem in 2018?

10th September 2018
The Government invested £7b in the 17/18 FY to increase opportunities for young people.
Learning hub launch

FE-Q panel 2

6th September 2018
The first panel covered end-point assessment. Then, after a quick coffee break, Stewart Segal launched the second debate.