Teaching and learning plans

Apprenticeship planning made easy

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Plan for assessments and activities

Tutors can create individual plans for learners or create templates for activities and assessments to send to a group – so apprentices know exactly what they need to do. It's simple, saves time and is an effective way to plan apprenticeship delivery.


Inform teaching with gap analysis

With OneFile, learner progress is tracked online, so tutors can identify any gaps in learning and plan activities around them. This makes it easy to personalise learning and motivate apprentices to reflect on their learning.

Embed custom forms

Tutors can create custom forms and embed them into teaching and learning plans. This means it’s easy to capture bespoke data and tailor learning to fit your delivery.


Sign on the go

With OneFile’s auditable electronic signatures, learners, tutors and employers can sign online anytime, anywhere, on any device. It means there’s less waiting around for signatures.

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"With OneFile’s assessment plans, we can share ideas and resources which is a great time-saver when setting work."

Ashley Polley, programme and exams coordinator

London College of Apprenticeships  

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