How have providers used OneFile’s course builder to pivot their remote delivery?

Providers have used the course builder to create content, test knowledge and engage learners.

How have providers used OneFile's course builder to pivot their remote delivery?

Over the last couple of months, we’ve heard from LOADS of OneFile customers about how they’ve used the course builder to support their remote delivery. It’s been an instrumental tool for delivering elearning remotely, keeping learners engaged and testing knowledge online.

Providers have been using OneFile’s course builder to create new content in a wide range of subject areas – from Prevent to health and social care.

In addition to our apprenticeship courses, we’ve used OneFile course builder to develop modules for safeguarding, wellbeing and mindfulness, and are looking at developing our health and safety modules further.”

Lisa Whiteoak | TrainingStation

How does OneFile’s course builder work?

With OneFile’s course builder, you can create custom content, build quizzes, link to videos, add voiceovers, import SCORM packages and embed files. Content is mapped to learning outcomes, so progress is updated automatically. You can assign content to learner cohorts or individuals.

What are the best bits about the course builder?

You can be creative in how you create your courses. You can embed a range of multimedia files – like videos, google slides and quizzes – and even include music or voiceovers to make the content as engaging as possible.

You can build content into units or modules, and include formative questions at the end of each module to test knowledge. You can create your own tests using OneFile’s quiz builder or embed forms created elsewhere. When learners complete the quiz, they get instant feedback within OneFile on how they’ve done.

As a learner completes the course, their progress is recorded and displayed on their dashboard. It’s an easy, interactive and engaging way to deliver learning 100% remotely.

What do other people think about the course builder?

OneFile’s course builder is really flexible, so providers have been using the system in a range of ways – to build content, create templates, share workbooks and set knowledge questions.

Learners tend to be less willing to answer or ask questions remotely, so we have included quizzes in our content to encourage interaction.’

Lisa Lawrence | Truro and Penwith College

OneFile has been critical to us developing interactive, engaging online courses that aid progression and development for our learners. The OneFile courses platform is a real gamechanger for us. We’ve transferred what would have been classroom sessions to remote learning courses, with quizzes set throughout the course to ensure learners put their knowledge into practice. It’s been brilliant for checking learners’ knowledge, filling gaps and starting preparation for EPA.”

Lisa Whiteoak | TrainingStation

Watch this video of Karen Walker Jones from LlandrilloMenai explaining how they’ve used OneFile course builder to support learners during lockdown.


The course builder in OneFile is absolutely brilliant. What’s good about it is being able to drop different formats into the system – like videos, Google Slides or Google Docs. You can also edit the course before publishing and then share the course with individual learners or cohorts.”

Karen Walker Jones | LlandrilloMenai

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