Remote skills assessment

Recognise prior learning remotely

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Complete skills assessments remotely

Gone are the days of multiple visits to gather RPL evidence or help applicants fill in forms. With OneFile, applicants can complete the skills assessment online, so there’s minimal cost to the provider. It also means new starts can continue during lockdown as the whole process is completed remotely.

Skills assessment
Recognise prior learning

Recognise prior learning

The knowledge, skills and behaviours in the standard are clearly displayed so applicants can rate their prior learning against each KSB outcomeApplicants are prompted to back up their prior learning by adding comments or uploading evidence – from previous qualifications to experiential learning. It means providers can gather all the RPL evidence they need and store it in one place.

Right learner, right course

Providers need to make sure the programmes they’re delivering are viable apprenticeships. With OneFile, they can capture the applicant's current job description and their goals after completing the apprenticeship – ensuring the applicant is the right learner for the course.

Right learner, right course
Make evidence-based funding adjustments

Make evidence-based funding adjustments

When the applicant has completed their skills assessment, the funding calculator will automatically reduce the fundingduration and visits based on their prior learning. Staff can use this data to check the viability of the applicant and document the process for the evidence pack.


“A much-needed solution in the apprenticeship industry to tackle the complexities of curriculum planning and funding claims.”

Talat Qureshi, quality manager

Estio Training

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