Whether you’re delivering apprenticeship standards or frameworks, the Eportfolio is the one for you! It has all the features you need to deliver, manage and track apprenticeships from initial assessment to the gateway.

Deliver outstanding apprenticeships

Streamline processes

Improve data management

Record the entire audit trail and gather the data you need in one place.

Stay compliant

Increase efficiency

Everything is managed online so you can increase tutor caseloads without compromising on quality.

Save money

Save money

Reduce paper, printing, storage and travel costs by 80% compared to paper-based delivery.

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Personalise learning

Get all the insights you need to personalise learning the way Ofsted wants you to.

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Improve quality

Track the progression of learning from initial assessment to the gateway.

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Increase engagement

Encourage learners to rate their knowledge and reflect on their learning.

Demonstrate the progression of learning

The progression of learning can be tricky to track – but not anymore! Apprentices can rate their learning in the initial assessment and score themselves as they progress. Scores are plotted on a graph to show distance travelled. It’s easy, engaging, motivating and insightful.

Create content against criteria

Whether you’re creating videos, resources or quizzes, make your content count by mapping it to criteria. You can then assign content to individual learners or cohorts to show learners are prepared for end point.

Create bespoke activities and assessments

You can complete the whole assessment journey online – from setting activities and mapping criteria to sending feedback and signing it off. It’s hassle-free and audit ready.

recording scores

Teaching and learning planning made easy

Make your apprenticeship planning more efficient and effective with templates. You can set formal assessments for apprenticeship frameworks and set learning and training activities for standards.

Touch base with your learners

Check in with learners to review their progress, offer support and set activities online. You can provide the personal touch without meeting in person.

20% off the job

Record training on and off-the-job

You don’t need to worry about tracking off-the-job hours against the 20%. Apprentices can record where training took place, so off-the-job is tracked automatically. It’s that simple.

Get all the data you need

With OneFile’s reports, you have all the data you need for audits and inspections at your fingertips.

Anytime, anywhere

Train and learn wherever you are – in a classroom, at the workplace or on the go. You can even complete work offline and sync your device when you’re back online. No drama.

By your side

When you sign up to the Eportfolio, our onboarding team will be by your side from day one. We’ll create your standards, provide onsite training and manage your set-up for you. You’ll also have a dedicated onboarding specialist to check in throughout the process to see how you’re getting on.

See it in action

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