Track the progression of learning from initial assessment to the gateway

Record learners baseline

Learners can work with tutors and managers to record their learning baseline in the initial assessment. Tutors can then use each learner’s starting point to personalise their curriculum delivery so it builds on prior learning.

recording scores

Evaluate learning

Learners can use the scorecard to rate themselves against each outcome in the apprenticeship curriculum or standard as they progress. This encourages learners to reflect on their learning and take an active role in their development.

Gain valuable insights

Tutors and managers can use each learner’s ratings to assess their individual progress. It gives them all the insights they need to plan activities, support learners and set stretching and challenging goals.

Track the progression of learning

Scores are recorded against each outcome and plotted on a graph to show the progression of learning. It’s simple, engaging and beautiful – and it’s ideal for audits and inspections.

“The scorecard makes it easier to capture the knowledge, skills and behaviours developed by the apprentice and how training has impacted their learning."

Cathy Berry, vocational team business and quality manager
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust 

Get the scorecard

You’ll find the scorecard in both OneFile packages.