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Create custom content

Tutors can build resources, create quizzes, link to videos from YouTube and Vimeo, import SCORM packages and Google docs, sheets and slides. It’s the easy way to build interactive content learners will love.  

Map content to outcomes

Tutors can assign content to learning outcomes so each piece of content counts. As learners complete the course, progress is mapped against the outcome automatically.

Assign content to learners

Tutors can assign content to learner cohorts or individuals – which is perfect for personalising apprenticeship delivery as learners progress.

Access interactive learning content

OneFile partners with leading elearning content providers – including LearnBox and WMB. It means you can access their high-quality learning content directly in the OneFile course builder. 

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"The course builder is really easy to use. The content maps automatically to learning aims, which is really powerful for us. The quizzes are also a great way to quickly create automated assessment and learning activities for apprenticeship frameworks and standards."

Tom Cheek, workbased learning and elearning quality manager
Easton + Otley College

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