Timesheets and off-the-job

The easy way to track on- and off-the-job training

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Record time spent training

Apprentices can submit entries when they complete work or attend sessions, so it’s easy to track the time spent training on and off the job. Employers, tutors and learners have full visibility – which is great for Ofsted and quality audits.

20% off the job

Submit learning activities

Learners can complete learning entries wherever they are and select whether they were completed on or off the job. OneFile will calculate the learner’s off-the-job entries against their contracted hours and display their progress as a percentage against the 20% minimum requirement. It’s off-the-job tracking made easy.

Track learner progress

With OneFile, at-risk learners don’t get overlooked – tutors can offer support as soon as learners start to fall behind to get them back on track. It also means tutors can stretch and challenge high-performing learners – which is exactly what Ofsted wants to see. 

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"With OneFile, students, employers and coaches can see exactly how the apprentice is progressing. It’s simple to make entries, and some are made automatically when apprentices complete work or attend sessions with us. Line managers can view the entries and track progress."

Becki Hunter, head of apprenticeships
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