Learning journal

Reflect, record and retain learning

Record learning reflections

Learners can record learning reflections, attach files, link training activities and map entries to outcomes to track distance travelled against the apprenticeship curriculum. Learners can apply their skills in the workplace and reflect on learning wherever they are – helping to increase knowledge retention.

Learning Journal

Record off-the-job activities

Learners can also select whether their entry was completed on or off the job. OneFile will calculate the learner’s off-the-job entries against their contracted hours and display their progress as a percentage against the 20% minimum requirement. It’s off-the-job training made easy.

Scroll through learning timeline

Journal entries are shared to create a timeline of learning – just like social media. Employers and tutors can scroll through the timeline to review evidence, create journal entries and track learner progress in one place.

"With the learning journal, our learners complete more independent reflections, which is great because they need to map their own criteria to get a distinction. They can also reference where learning took place – which is great for quality audits."

Cathy Berry, vocational team business and quality manager
Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust 

Get the learning journal

You’ll find the learning journal in both OneFile packages.