A pot of money

How does OneFile improve ROI of apprenticeship delivery?

Here are 7 ways OneFile improves ROI – from templates to reporting.

How does OneFile improve ROI of apprenticeship delivery?

A pot of money

OneFile is proven to deliver financial ROI of up to 500% in the first year. But it’s not just financial returns that OneFile impacts – it also improves achievement rates, increases learner engagement, improves productivity, improves quality and saves time, travelling and resources.

Here are 7 ways OneFile improves ROI:

Curriculum planning and templates

OneFile reduces the time-consuming admin in curriculum planning. You can create teaching and learning plan templates to meet specific KSBs in the standard and send them to individual learners or groups. You can also set the sequence of activities, so tasks are sent automatically as learners progress – saving tons of time and money.

Investment: time to create templates

Returns: cost savings, time savings, increase in productivity and timely completions

Elearning content

With OneFile’s course builder, you can create elearning content and map it to criteria so it counts towards progress. You can build interactive content using videos, presentations and quizzes to test knowledge, or upload SCORM packages of existing content.

You can assign content to learners and set stretch and challenge activities to encourage high-performing learners to achieve. This saves admin time, reduces printing and paper costs, and improves learner outcomes.

Investment: time to create or upload content

Returns: cost savings, time savings, improved learner outcomes

Multimedia evidence

Using OneFile’s apps, learners can collect evidence wherever they are – even when they’re offline. They can use their smartphones to take photos, videos and audio recordings of their progress and upload it to their portfolio. Tutors can check work and provide feedback online too – making delivery far more efficient.

Investment: just download the app for free!

Returns: time savings, increase in productivity, increased tutor caseloads, improved quality of evidence

Remote feedback

Learners are alerted when work is set for them, and tutors are notified to provide feedback or set further tasks. This helps maintain momentum in the learner workflow and increases learner engagement. This also makes it easier for tutors to monitor progression and provide feedback to stretch learners to pass, merit or distinction without visiting learners in person.

Investment: N/A

Returns: cost savings, time savings, increase in productivity, increased tutor caseloads, increased learner engagement and higher achievement rates

Remote reviews

With OneFile, you can arrange a video call to meet your learners remotely. You can initiate a Skype video call to complete remote reviews or professional discussions easily online, record the conversation and upload it to OneFile as evidence. It’s a great way to provide personal support without meeting in person – saving time, reducing travel costs and improving the quality of evidence.

Investment: N/A

Returns: cost savings, time savings, savings in travel, increase in productivity and improved quality of evidence

Communication tools

You can stay in touch with learners, employers and assessors via instant messaging, feedback submissions and video chat. This helps all parties collaborate and increases productivity.

Investment: N/A

Returns: time savings, savings in travel, increase in productivity


OneFile has over 75 pre-built reports on everything from learner engagement to off-the-job training – or you can build custom reports to get the exact data you need. This saves tons of admin time building spreadsheets, improves data management and improves quality.

You can also report on learner progression, making it easier to identify and support at-risk learners or stretch and challenge high-performing learners.

Investment: time to build custom reports

Returns: time savings, improved data management, increase in productivity, improved quality, improved completion rates and higher achievement rates

To find out what returns you could expect with OneFile, download your free ROI taster pack. It covers exactly how OneFile improves ROI, what other providers think and how much they’ve saved.

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