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How to use OneFile for hairdressing apprenticeships

Salons need a simple, flexible and convenient way to deliver training to their apprentices.

How to use OneFile for hairdressing apprenticeships

hairdresser cutting hair

Hairdressing is a booming industry in the UK.  

Salons are always packed with people looking for a fresh trim, a summer ombre, a or a fancy updo. Staff are swamped, but they still have to make time to train apprentices while they’re with clients. There’s a lot to juggle, so salons need a simple, flexible and convenient way to deliver training to their apprentices. 

A cut above the rest  

OneFile is already used by salons across the country to deliver, manage and track training. Apprentices can log on to their account wherever they are – at college, in the salon, or at home – to work on their portfolio. Instead of writing notes, they can use their phones to take photos, videos or audio recordings in the salon and upload them to their portfolio as evidence of their practical skills.  

Tutors and managers can then access their learners’ portfolios remotely to check their progress, send feedback and generate reports. OneFile gives salons and students the ultimate flexibility. 

What OneFile means for Nikki Froud Hairdressing is 24/7 learning. We have the flexibility to take our learners straight from teaching to practical, so they don’t miss out on anything. And our learners love that they can use their phones – it's how they want to learn.’ 

Nikki Froud, director, Nikki Froud Hairdressing   


Hairdressing apprentices can use OneFile to manage their training, track their progress and keep in touch with their tutors. And they can use their portfolio for the end-point assessment (EPA) too.  

Learners can collect a portfolio of before-and-after photographs throughout their programme, and select the best examples to showcase during the EPA. Their best evidence can then be downloaded into a read-only zip file, sent to the end-point assessment organisation (EPAO) before the assessment, and presented to the assessor during the EPA. There’s no paperwork or photographs to keep track of, everything is stored in one easy-to-use system.  

But OneFile isn’t just flexible, convenient and easy to use, it brings loads of other benefits too.  

All learner evidence and reports are stored online, so there’s no paperwork cluttering up the salon and no need to print before-and-after photos – reducing paper, printing and storage costs. The whole learning journey is recorded on OneFile, so inspectors can access all the information they need for inspections online.  

With OneFile, learners are more engaged in their training – they complete more work in less time and complete their programme faster.  


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