Using OneFile for all levels of apprenticeships

Our learning management system can be used for all vocational training across all sectors.

Using OneFile for all levels of apprenticeships

Using OneFile for all levels of apprenticeships

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OneFile is for everyone, everywhere 

Everyone is different. We all have different interests, different strengths, and learn in different ways – so we’ve made OneFile as flexible as possible. Our learning management system can be used for all kinds of vocational training across all sectors – from a level 2 plumbing apprenticeship to a level 7 solicitor apprenticeship 

OneFile is for the masses, but it also has everything you need to deliver each specific apprenticeship. It’s special like that.

Functional skills 

OneFile is already used by hundreds of centres to deliver Functional Skills. Learners can use OneFile to build a portfolio of evidence against the criteria, and tutors can access their portfolio to track their progress and offer feedback. OneFile integrates with bksb, so learners can access online assessments and learning resources using one system.  

Level 2, 3 and 4 apprenticeships 

OneFile has all the tools you need to deliver mid-level apprenticeships. Learners can upload photos, videos or audio recordings as evidence, map it to criteria and build a portfolio for the end-point assessment (EPA). They can access learning resources, quizzes and mock tests, and work with their tutor and employer to rate their own learning and track their progress throughout the programme.  

Tutors and employers can log on to see their apprentice’s work, offer feedback, generate reports and communicate online.  

OneFile also has a built-in off-the-job training tracker. When learners upload evidence, they can just select whether it was completed on or off the job. OneFile then calculates how many hours they’ve completed as a percentage of their contracted hours – it's off the job made simple.  

Higher and degree apprenticeships 

Since the high-level apprenticeships were introduced, we’ve developed new features to help bridge the gap between employers, training providers and universities. Apprentices can use OneFile to access reading lists, share work with their tutors and complete tests and assignments. The learning journey is 100% so everyone can collaborate on OneFile easily.  

We’re working on an integration with Turnitin – the UK’s leading originality checker. It means all evidence uploaded onto OneFile will be checked by Turnitin to detect plagiarism instantly.  


OneFile is for everyone, everywhere. That’s why it’s already used by big brands – like SIEMENS and Specsavers. It’s used by construction companies – like National Grid and Interserve. It’s used by public services – like Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue and North Bristol NHS Trust. And it’s used by colleges and universities – like Exeter College and Manchester Met University.  

The list is endless. All these organisations use OneFile for different types of training and apprenticeships. And they love it, because it saves them time and money, increases the quality of training, and helps learners get the most out of their programme.  

To find out how you could use OneFile to deliver apprenticeships, download our free guide 

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