OneFile ILR

OneFile ILR is packed full of features that will save you time and reduce errors, ensuring your submissions are compliant with yearly statutory changes. Collect all the ILR data you need to submit to the ESFA in a single place. Learner data is validated using the newly integrated Funding Information System (FIS) tool, inline with the ESFA’s latest apprenticeship funding rules, so you can be confident that what you’re submitting is as accurate as possible.

Third party Integrations

Save time & reduce errors

Using the FIS tool, any errors in your data are flagged before you submit to the ESFA to reduce funding delays. 

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Manage learner data efficiently

Organise learner data so you have full visibility throughout the ILR submission process.  


Confidently compliant

When the ESFA publishes changes, we check your data against the latest funding rules. 

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No limitations 

Unlimited learner submissions, intuitive user interface and easy to understand customisable reporting.

One-click data check

Tired of looking through long error reports and figuring out what it means? With the new FIS integration – it's easy, just one-click on OneFile's ILR will check your data fields and flag any errors. 

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Auto update learner status

Once all the required fields are entered, OneFile ILR will automatically flag the learner as ready for submission, so you can easily see which records need your attention. 

Easy export to ESFA

We’ve made it quick and simple for you to export your ILR records as an XML file and upload it straight to the ESFA portal.

Right learner, right course
Protect apprenticeship funding

Reduce duplicated work and errors  

Save time, reduce duplication and errors by applying Programme Templates to live learner data, so you won’t waste time copying large chunks of information. 

Clear and visual dashboard

Easy to understand reporting with a clear and visual dashboard, accurate tracking of data and overview of learner status. 

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Prebuilt standards

Up to date with the ESFA

ILR is the ideal tool to support quality in apprenticeships. All data is constantly validated against the latest funding rules to ensure your submission is accurate. 

Correct, compliant and complete data every month

Built-in error tracker · Up-to-date funding rules · Easy reporting · Enrol integration · Export records 

Easy centre set up

If you already have a OneFile centre, learner records are automatically created in ILR using data from OneFile Enrol. If you’re new to OneFile, you can import learner data from your latest ILR submission to create ILR profiles for all your learners – reducing data entry, user errors and admin time. 


Secure your submissions with OneFile ILR

Using an ILR tool can help ensure that your data is accurate, up-to-date and reduce errors. It can make uploading to the ESFA easier, and some tools have dashboards/reports to help you better understand and manage your data. It’s a great tool to improve productivity and keep you organised so you can focus on other important tasks.

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"OneFile’s ILR is user-friendly and its ‘Check Learner Data’ feature which uses the embedded FIS integration will ensure that our submission is error free."

 Jane Waddup - Qualifications & Apprenticeship Coordinator

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See it in action

To find out more about OneFile's ILR, book a demo with a member of our team.