OneFile ILR Tracker

The Tracker MI System enables ESFA Contract holders to manage ILR data and claims for all funding models.

With a vast array of well-thought-out features to help you manage your ESFA-funded learning programmes, MI Managers, Tutors, Quality Teams, Directors, and shareholders of any business that invests in a Tracker system can be certain that our software will not let you down.

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Tracker is amazingly quick, with handy navigation to ensure you get straight to the right page. On the main ILR form, all the data is available for each learner - so you don't have to click click click and there is no wait time between different sections of the main ILR page - it's all instantaneous.

We use powerful web servers and clean screens so that you can deal with all administration tasks quickly.

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Data on all forms are validated to a very high standard as you type, so your data is error and warnings-free. Tracker has integrated FIS reports so that you can also predict your funding from each claim file before you submit your claim. Tracker is full of useful features such as a PLR lookup to bring in a learner's Personal Learning Record at the touch of one button.

All address data is sourced from the National postcode database via a lookup so you know your postcode is correct, and that comes with LEP, Local Authority and County boundary info too.


Easy to use

It's incredibly easy to sign-up your learners with Tracker - use our fully compliant digital sign-up pack making use of irrefutable electronic signatures. There is no retyping of data anywhere - you never type the Employer Name or address, or the learner name or address more than once.

Each funding stream has its own digital sign-up pack that ensures full ESFA compliance but also makes the whole process of signing very easy. Try the digital sign-up pack here.

Dedicated Screens and Reports for each Source of Funding

By having dedicated screens, users are presented with only the specific fields they need to deal with, making screens easy to use.

  • Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)
  • European Social Fund (ESF)
  • Combined Authorities (AEB)
  • Mayoral Authorities (AEB)
  • Mainstream Adult Education Budget (AEB)
  • Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
  • Local Authority Custom Projects
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Quality Assurance, Audit and Compliance

The Tracker MIS has a unique focus on compliance with an amazing audit trail for all key aspects of the end-to-end administration process.

Accept or reject evidence and give reasons. Rejection auto-notifies the owner of the evidence to re-submit.


Tracker Customers

The Tracker MI System will suit any size Learning Provider and can easily scale up as your organisation grows.

Right learner, right course
Protect apprenticeship funding

ESFA Prime Contracts with Subcontractors

Comprehensive contract management MI system for the delivery of Prime Contracts:

High-performance system for managing ESF Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) and AEB contracts.

  • Any number of Prime Contracts
  • Any number of Sub-contractors
  • Allow your subcontractors to add ILR data and evidence
  • Digital Employer TNA
  • Digital Learner enrolment ILR/ILP
  • Store evidence against each employer/learner record

Management Information Via The KPI Dashboard

See the trends and the numbers. Manage your business and make fact based decisions with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Dashboards can be “user role” based or “funding stream” based.
  • Show/hide options for each data set
  • Sensitive finance reports can be hidden for some users
  • Graphs show trends and monthly totals
  • Click the summary numbers to get instant access to the relevant Employer or Learner records
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" The Tracker MIS has been an essential tool enabling us to manage a number of £multi-million pound ESFA and ESF contracts simultaneously. We really value the personal service which means we can work with the Tracker support team to develop and tailer Tracker to suit our various different multi-delivery partner projects. "

Andrew Geen, CEO, The Learning Partnership of Cornwall and IoS

See it in action

To find out more about OneFile's MI System Tracker , book a demo with a member of our team.