How to inspire your apprentices in 2017

We’ve asked our experts to give us a few pointers about how to keep apprentices inspired at work.

How to inspire your apprentices in 2017


Apprenticeships are more important than ever.

When the apprenticeship reforms come into action in April, large employers will have dedicated funds to invest in apprenticeship training. But before they take on new starters, they need to focus on how they can inspire their apprentices now and in the future.

We've been a leader in the vocational training sector for 12 years, so we know what works – and what doesn’t - when it comes to motivated learners. We've asked our experts to give us a few pointers about how to keep apprentices inspired at work:

Create meaningful work

The key to inspiring apprentices is getting them involved in work they believe in. Speak to each of your learners to find out what they're passionate about and arrange some sessions that play to their strengths and interests. You can also encourage your apprentices to work with different departments and shadow different roles. This not only boosts their engagement, it also makes them a more rounded and successful employee.

Support their development

Think back to when you were just starting your career. Entering the world of work can be a daunting experience, so it's important you create a support network around your new apprentices. Assigning a dedicated mentor to each learner will give them the help and guidance they need to grow, and give them a confidence boost to get involved in your company culture.

Look to the future

All press is good press, right? Not quite.

When you endorse other companies, your logo will be featured on their website and marketing materials – reaching new potential customers. Just make sure you endorse a highly regarded company that delivers excellent customer service. You don’t want to be associated with a brand that doesn't meet your high standards.

Lead by example

We all look to our friends and colleagues for inspiration, so make sure you're a good role model to your apprentices. Seeing another member of staff work hard to achieve their goals will encourage them to follow suit.


The best way to inspire your apprentices is to show them other inspiring apprentices.

Top 10 famous apprentices

From David Beckham to Elvis Presley... Jamie Oliver to Stella McCartney – loads of world-renowned celebrities started out as apprentices. Download our Top 10 famous apprentices poster and inspire your apprentices today.

Using a professional development software like OneFile will make it easy for your managers to track the progress of each apprentice, and offer support to those who need it.

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