What is a VLE and why do you need one?

Use a VLE as a virtual classroom – a place where learners can create, upload and share resources.

What is a VLE and why do you need one?

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VLE stands for Virtual Learning Environment. Most schools, colleges, universities and training providers already use a VLE as their virtual classroom – a place where learners and tutors can create, upload and share resources.

So why are VLEs so popular?


VLEs extend communication out of the classroom and into the digital world. Users can exchange instant feedback via discussion threads, forums, polls and surveys – ensuring learners get the support they need, when they need it.

Rich content

Training organisations can create a rich online library to support learners throughout their course. You can upload a huge range of resources – including PowerPoint presentations, documents, worksheets and links to outside sources. You can even embed video content to create a dynamic resource hub for your learners.

Learn on the move

Today’s society is all about convenience – and that includes learning too. With a VLE, users can access training resources on the go, so they can continue learning wherever they are. Users can upload, submit and evaluate assessments online too – increasing productivity and reducing the need for face-to-face visits.

At OneFile, we’ve taken VLE technology one step further, and have developed a powerful learning environment within our OneFile platform. By integrating our VLE with our dynamic eportfolio and assessment software, we’ve created a VLE like no other.

Unlike others on the market, our VLE performs a full range of data-driven functions. With OneFile, you can:

  • Map qualification criteria against a learning outcome
  • Transfer modules between courses
  • Upload existing resources using SCORM import
  • Track learner progress
  • Generate real-time reports on learner engagement before assessment
  • Send feedback to support learners
  • Control course delivery to each user
  • And much more...


In fact, we’re the only learning platform with such a rich set of integrated features. Our VLE is not just an online resource centre – it’s also an assessment software, reporting suite, CPD tracker, learning eportfolio, and much more.

Some of our customers have trialled the VLE in beta testing, and we're now ready to launch our VLE onto the market. There will be two different tiers of our VLE to choose from - a free basic feature and an advanced platform.

To learn more about our latest development, take a tour of the software and find out how you can access OneFile's VLE, download our VLE brochure.

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