How to boost employee engagement at Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, your staff are probably starting to wind down for the festive season.

How to boost employee engagement at Christmas

Christmas girl in window

With Christmas just around the corner, your staff are probably starting to wind down for the festive season.

So what can you do to keep your employees engaged?

There are loads of resources out there telling you to set challenging goals, create a festive atmosphere and promote communication – but what about your Christmas party?

Over a quarter of employees say that their favourite festive get-together is their annual work party – so you need to maximise this event to motivate your team. It’s a huge opportunity to reward your staff, celebrate your successes and spread some festive cheer.

Christmas may be a little different this year, but there are loads of last minute things you can do to boost employee engagement at your virtual Christmas party. 

Go hard or go home

Even though we can't meet up for Christmas this year, there are loads of festive things you can do with your team early.

Start the festivities early with a Christmas jumper competition and encourage people to wear them on camera all day long. Get a Christmas playlist with all the classic carols and share it with your staff to play at home. Everyone will be listening to the same festive tracks, no matter where they are.  You can even send your staff Christmas treats in the post, organise a virtual games hour or host a Christmas quiz – there are loads of online activities you can do to boost engagement across your organisation.

Secret Santa

We all know there's work to be done in the run up to Christmas, but keep your expectations realistic. Forget about the big deadlines and just set small attainable targets – including a secret Santa! Amazon is running a secret Santa gifting service. Staff can add items to their wishlist and whoever has them for secret Santa can log on to order their gift delivered direct to their door.

Deck the halls

We might not be able to decorate the office this year, but how about encouraging your staff to decorate their home office by hosting a 'best desk decorations' competition? Staff can take pics of their efforts and the rest of the team can vote for their favourite. This will bring teams together as they appreciate each other's hard work and crown one employee 'Desk Decorations Designer of the Year 2020'.

Food, glorious food

When it comes to Christmas parties, food takes centre stage – so don’t skimp on the refreshments!

There are many companies offering festive deliveries – from Christmas cocktails to a traditional turkey dinner – so make sure you team have some treats to tuck into at home. You could even hold a Christmas baking competition to see who can make the best mince pies.

Your team will love tucking in to turkey sandwiches, having a chat online and comparing baked goods.


Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to throw a great Christmas party. Just show your staff you care and have gone the extra mile to make Christmas feel special this year, and you're sure to see a boost in employee engagement in the new year.

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