The importance of endorsements for awarding bodies

The importance of endorsements for awarding bodies

Training providers, software companies, EPA centres... everyone wants to be endorsed by an awarding body – but what's in it for you?

At OneFile, we understand endorsements are a two-way street. That's why we've taken a look at the benefits of endorsements for awarding bodies.

Build partnerships

Collaborating with an innovative company is great news for your business - especially as the sector is  changing. By building professional relationships with key members of staff in another organisation, you can work together to share knowledge at industry events and on social media – ensuring your staff and customers are always kept in the loop.

Create Solutions

If you build a strong partnership with a company you endorse, you'll open the doors to a world of opportunity. You can harness their specialist skills to help you solve any unusual issues or adapt to sector changes. Your teams can work together to develop a mutually beneficial solution.  

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Raise your profile

All press is good press, right? Not quite.

When you endorse other companies, your logo will be featured on their website and marketing materials – reaching new potential customers. Just make sure you endorse a highly regarded company that delivers excellent customer service. You don’t want to be associated with a brand that doesn't meet your high standards.

Draw in the crowds

By endorsing a thriving company that is making an impact in your sector, you'll reach a whole new crowd of customers. These potential customers may see your logo on another website, see your social media interactions or meet you at an external conference.

Increase sales

Potential customers are more likely to register their learners on your courses if you endorse a product or service they use on a daily basis. It will give them confidence that your external verifiers will be competent using their system, and make their lives easier when it comes to inductions and assessments.

t OneFile, we love endorsements. In fact, we're the most endorsed eportfolio for learning and development, backed by 22 official awarding bodies.

To find out why you should endorse OneFile, download our free guide. You'll learn all about the enrolment process, how our partnership will benefit people across your business, and how to get started.

The benefits of endorsing OneFile

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