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Can you use an eportfolio to deliver the new standards?

The way learners are evaluated has changed… so eportfolios have had to change too

Can you use an eportfolio to deliver the new apprenticeship standards?  

The new apprenticeship standards represent a shift from assessing to learning.  

The way learners are evaluated has changed... the role of the assessor has changed... and how learners are monitored, assessed and graded has changed.  

And because of this, eportfolios have had to change too.

With the old frameworks, learners could upload evidence of the skills to their eportfolio, and assessors could log on to assess it. Then once the learner had met all the criteria, they’d be signed off as having completed the programme. It’s how apprenticeships had always worked – so it’s how eportfolios worked too.  

But with the new standards, everything’s changed. Apprentices still need to meet the criteria outlined in the standard – but instead of evidencing their competencies, learners need to demonstrate what they’ve learnt to pass their course.  

Learners aren’t assessed throughout their programme anymore – instead, their learning is assessed during the end-point assessment (EPA). Some EPAs include a portfolio showcase where the apprentice has to present their best evidence of learning to their assessor.  

And then there’s off-the-job training. The new standards include a 20% off-the-job training requirement which has to be recorded and reported on during audit.  

These are just some of the new requirements in apprenticeship standards, but even these 3 examples show that the old basic eportfolios aren’t up to scratch.  

Eportfolios have had to change. 

At OneFile, we’ve upgraded our learning software and added tons of new features to help you deliver apprenticeship standards. It’s no longer just an eportfolio, it’s a complete apprenticeship software with everything you need to deliver the new standards.  


Evaluation scorecard

With OneFile's evaluation scorecard, apprentices can rate their understand of each KSB when they start their programme – record their 'baseline' or 'starting point'. Apprentices and then continue to score themselves as they progress, allowing them to evaluate their skills and reflect on their learning throughout the programme. Their scores will be plotted on a graph to show evidence of the progression of learning – which is exactly what Ofsted wants to see.

Content and quiz builder

With OneFile's course builder, you can create your own interactive learning content or import SCORM packages. Content is mapped to criteria so progress is automatically tracked, and you can create quizzes to test knowledge as learners progress. It's ideal for on-programme learning and preparing apprentices for gateway and EPA.

Learning journal

OneFile’s learning journal makes it easy for apprentices to reflect on learning as it happens. Apprentices can complete a journal entry, upload evidence and share it to their learning timeline. Tutors and employers can then monitor progress, add comments or share feedback.

Off-the-job training tracker

The 20% off-the-job training requirement is new to apprenticeship standards. When apprentices record activities in OneFile, they can simply select whether it was completed on or off the job. OneFile will then calculate how many hours they’ve completed as a percentage of their total contracted hours, so the apprentice, tutor and employer know how close they are to the 20% requirement.

Portfolio showcase

With the portfolio showcase feature, learners can create an online collection of their best evidence and download it into a read-only file. This can then be sent to the EPAO before assessment and presented to the end-point assessor during the assessment.  

Bespoke standards

Our qualification specialists build bespoke learning aims in house, so you can customise your standards. 


OneFile still has a trusty eportfolio with a built-in reporting suite, teaching and learning plan templates, off-the-job training tracker, and offline app. It has all the features you needed for apprenticeship frameworks, plus a whole ton of added extras – everything you need to deliver outstanding apprenticeship standards.  

These are just some of the features we’ve built so everyone can use OneFile to deliver apprenticeship standards. To find out exactly what you need from a learning software to deliver the new apprenticeship standards, download our free checklist 


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