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Michele Brown

Marketing Director

Michele has been OneFile's Marketing Director for over a year now. Prior to this Michele has had experience within the Marketing sector for a number of years, catering her skills towards events, social interactions and engagement to website design. Her skills and knowledge within these areas have not only helped our customer engagement but allowed for new connections to be built within OneFile from our Events attendance and in person promotion. With her strong focus on lead generation, it has allowed OneFile's contacts to grow and continue to increase within our Salesforce systems. Raising inbound leads by up to 500% in recent roles.

Michele's strong commercial awareness, combined with her strong technical knowledge and significant B2B marketing expertise, ensures OneFile's business agenda is consistently met. Not only this but her team player spirit has allowed her to manage large/small teams successfully and smoothly. When she's not managing OneFile's social channels Michele often finds herself enjoying a day at the Rugby!