Ready to switch Eportfolio’s?

Everyone knows that eportfolios are a ‘must have’ for saving time, hassle and money in training – while maximising completions. But not all EdTech firms are created equal.

Ready to switch Eportfolio's?

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Everyone knows that eportfolios are a ‘must have’ for saving time, hassle and money in training – while maximising completions. But not all EdTech firms are created equal.  

We’ve seen a growing trend of companies switching to OneFile. With budgets squeezed, and training a vital part of your growth, now is the time to make sure that you’re using a system that is right for you. 

So, if you’re among those unhappy with their current supplier, here are five tips on how to have an easier ‘break-up’ and move on.

     1. Identify the issues

Start from within. Check the scope of any contract you initially had with an EdTech provider. Next, get feedback from key staff involved with your eportfolio about where your supplier is going wrong. Maybe the system's outdated? Maybe it no longer has the functionality you need. Or perhaps you feel unsupported in how to use it? Keep these issues top of mind when thinking about a new provider.   

     2. Think big

It might feel ‘messy’, but try to view this as an opportunity to radically improve your training, and help your organisation to grow.  

It might be worth refreshing your brief to ensure any new arrangement meets your needs and expectations and prevents further complications.  

Don't just stick to the basics here – think big, based on the needs of your users. Eportfolios may well have moved on from when you started – and you now have a range of technologies at your fingertips, like offline apps, integrations, built-in features and portability.  

     3. Ask around 

It’s likely you'll be using your eportfolio every day across various departments, so it’s important you choose the right system. There’s no better reference than industry peers who already use an EdTech service. Talk to your colleagues, read reviews, ask people at conferences and look for facts to back up people’s claims. All this research and feedback will help you to make an informed decision. 

    4. Get writing  

Once you know where you’re heading, it’s likely you’ll need to write a business case to get buy-in and budget from the C-Suite. They’ll want to see you justify the costs, benefits, risks and opportunities before investing. To make life easier, we've created a simple, fully populated template with instructions and examples you can use. 

    5. Go for it!

Once you've got approval, it’s a nerve-wracking moment - because you need to avoid being associated with any other issues. But don’t worry, we’ve supported hundreds of people in the same situation. We’ll help you to download all your data and transfer it onto our system.  

We really do keep it simple – which is why our eportfolio is used by 1.7 million people. 

So if you’re feeling inspired, why not download our business case template and get started.  

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