Eportfolios – Your best line of ally in police data security

Imagine the severity of a cyber-attack on the UK police force.

Eportfolios – Your best ally in police data security

Imagine the severity of a cyber-attack on the UK police force. It just doesn’t get more serious than hackers getting access to criminal records, sensitive case notes, secret intelligence and even personnel records.  

It’s a risk that was put in the spotlight again when cyber criminals hacked into NHS systems, affecting scores of services including ambulance dispatch, out-of-hours appointment bookings and mental health services. 

But there is one surefire way to protect the police force. The Information Commissioner has previously said that: “95% of the data breaches that are reported to us are completely preventable through training, up-to-date software, clear roles and responsibilities and evergreen IT security practices. 

That’s why we apply the same safeguards and values to our systems at OneFile, and are trusted by 16 UK police forces to manage apprenticeship programmes involving thousands of learners. Our Eportfolio enables you to manage the processes and documentation involved in a secure way online.  

Data protection  

OneFile enables you to fully encrypt data and store it on multiple secure serversmaximising your protection, visibility and security of information.  

Classified data  

With OneFile candidates can signpost any classified information when they submit primary evidence towards their portfolios. Learners can also redact sensitive information from case files and use officer pseudonyms to authenticate their work. 

Disaster recovery 

We regularly back up data stored in oureporfolios, so in the unlikely event of server error, data will not be lost. This is much safer than candidates carrying folders of evidence to and from the station where they could be lost, stolen or damaged.   

Verification & audit trails  

All police training activity must be carefully recorded to comply and meet quality assurance standards. Requirements are the same whether you use paper or technology – but it’s much quicker, safer, and transparent to use eportfolios.  

If you manage the process online, the entire process is secured in one place and can be reviewed remotely at any time.   


Contrary to popular belief, cyber-attacks are still relatively uncommon, and by working with a smart software company you can tap into further robust protection to block any unwanted access. Service providers also perform regular penetration tests to mock up how their system will react in the event of an attack.  

To find out more about our security measures, download our free guide. It explains exactly how security and signposting works for police candidates, their mentors, and internal and external verifiers.   

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