How do universities apply to the RoATP?

Use our step-by-step guide to help your organisation ace the RoATP application.

How do universities apply to the RoATP?

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All universities that want to deliver degree apprenticeships will have to register on the RoATP (Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers). Over 80 HEIs have already joined the register, and as degree apprenticeships continue to grow in popularity, more and more are expected to register over the next few years.

There are 3 application routes:

  • Main application route
  • Employer-provider route
  • Supporting route

The main route is designed for the majority of providers – including universities.

When can HEIs apply?

Before the RoATP was reformed in 2018, organisations could only apply within strict application windows. But now, providers can apply at any time, up to twice a year.

What does the application involve?

The application is quite complex, but it’s completed online via the Government’s Bravo portal – so you can save and edit your progress before you submit. You’ll probably need to involve people from across your organisation – such as quality assurers or the finance department – so preparing early is a good idea!

In the application you’ll be asked to provide information about your organisation, compliance records, capabilities and financial health. You’ll also have to register for a Bravo account, an account with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) and the UKRLP to obtain a UKPRN.

Delivering degree apprenticeships

In part of the application, you’ll be asked to provide information about how you plan to deliver degree apprenticeships, including:

  • How you plan to assess learners’ prior learning
  • How you plan to evaluate the quality of training
  • How you plan to record learner outcomes
  • How you’ll work with employers
  • Your commitment statement template

You’ll be asked to state how you plan to record these measures in a compliant way for every learner. If you use an apprenticeship software to deliver, monitor and manage your apprenticeship delivery, you’ll be able to answer these questions easily.

Find out more about using OneFile to deliver degree apprenticeships here.

What questions do universities struggle with?

If you complete the questions correctly, stick to the word count and attach all the necessary evidence, you should have no problem with the application. However, as the process is completely new to universities, many have struggled with the form and have had to resubmit their entry.

To help you register successfully the first time around, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you ace your application. It covers each section in detail – from financial health to compliance.

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