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“OneFile is the single, most valuable tool our assessors have at their disposal."
W Academy offers outstanding apprenticeships in Barbering, Hairdressing, Hospitality, Catering, Health Care, Business Administration and Customer Service.

Go beyond Ofsted requirements

“With the OneFile app, learners can interact with their framework in real-time – allowing remote flip learning and self-study to actually happen! In 2016, elearning is a classic buzzword – often quoted, but rarely put into action.

"OneFile’s market-leading eportfolio changes all this.

"It allows the learner to meet and go beyond Ofsted’s requirement of ‘understanding the framework and the standards within it’, by offering a complete, immersive learning experience. Learners can interact with remote evidence or the in-built messaging system to ensure sustained learning is happening – even between teaching and assessment visits.”

OneFile's strength lies in the hands of the assessor.

"Capturing assessment evidence on OneFile is by far our greatest tool. As well as MP3 recordings, you can also add real-time, HD video clips of a learner’s workplace competence, giving environmental context and strength to the assessor’s decision. This in turn gives our internal and external verifiers the information they need to back up the assessor’s decision.”

OneFile is fast - making it a great, simple & easy-to-use interface.

“This not only allows learners to collect evidence in remote environments, but also ensures the assessments are high quality.

"With OneFile, you never need a pen and paper. Assessors can walk through the framework and look at the standards and criteria holistically, allowing them to paint a detailed picture of the assessment. And with the MP3 recordings, they can map their decisions and learner competence very efficiently.

"In fact, compared to using paper-based systems, we save at least a day a week on admin time. Interaction between the assessor and learner is constant and fluid, giving all parties the confidence that learners progress consistently on program."

The savings from OneFile are significant.

“Without a doubt, we save at least a day a week of admin time. The savings on resources are huge too – there’s no more printing costs, no more portfolio log book costs, no more postage costs. However, to reap these benefits all staff need to embrace the system, and that is the difficult part.

"The largest time saving is in IQA sampling efficiencies. Clearly defined tasks and IQA actions ensure assessor sampling rates are achieved – and not just pie in the sky numbers! Assessor actions and resubmissions are clear and can be easily explained by the IQA. Plus, reporting IQA activity can be completed in about 6 clicks – this means no great big folders full of pointless sampling plans no one fills in!”

OneFile has pulled work-based assessment into the 21st century.

"The results are clear. Organisations who use OneFile consistently outperform those who are using paper-based systems or other portfolios. FACT.

"At WA Academy, we’ve had six EQA visits in the past three years, and after each assessment we’ve not been left with any actions or improvements. As the EQAs don’t have to spend hours sampling log book after log book, they can help us develop our assessment provision and push the boundaries of evidence collection so we showcase learner work and competences in the best way. Without OneFile, this critical development would not be possible."

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