Victoria & Albert Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum

"OneFile has been invaluable... pretty soon you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!"

The Victoria & Albert Museum started using OneFile in autumn 2016 with a pilot professional programme they were running. They now have learners interested across the country.  

Our learners are based around the country.

"We started using OneFile last autumn with a pilot professional programme we were running. The programme is the new V&A / Icon Conservation and Collections Care Technicians Qualification – a joint venture between the V&A and Icon, the Institute of Conservation.

"The qualification is designed to meet a real need in the cultural heritage sector, and even at this early stage, we have learners interested across the country – from Penzance to Glasgow."

OneFile is exactly what we were looking for.

"When we were researching eportfolios, we were looking for a system that learners and assessors could use anywhere in the country. It needed to be simple, with support available nationwide."

The whole process was a doddle!

"When I first started looking at OneFile, I was so reassured to see all the supporting material available. There are YouTube videos that learners can watch even before they sign up for the programme. Once we had decided on the system, the support we received was amazing. Uploading standard and tailored programmes was all done for us – we set up our own learners and it was a doddle!"

OneFile has been invaluable.

"I’m not sure we could have piloted a national programme without it. I do all my monitoring from OneFile – the reports are great! Replacing paper assessments will feel strange at first, but pretty soon you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!"

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