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Essential Teaching: remote delivery wouldn't have been possible without OneFile

How have you guys found the transition to home working and teaching?

March 2020, when lockdown started, seems like a distant memory now we’ve been working from home for over three months. The school and college closures meant almost an 80% reduction of learning activities overnight. Both classroom-based learning and tutor visits stopped within 48hrs - but thanks to OneFile and the OneFile app, combined with Google Slides, Meet & Jamboard, we rapidly deployed online learning. This meant our director of education could engage with any learners who were unsure of how to move forward or complete their coursework, assignments and portfolio.

Did you face any challenges as a tutor and how did you overcome them?

From the off, we were very aware that we needed to ensure learning took place in one place – and that place was OneFile. We used to use various online platforms for some of our courses, but not anymore. With the new features on OneFile, we can deliver all learning in one system and embed content like Google Slides into the courses area. The challenge of using multiple platforms has gone! We are so glad to have OneFile – it means we can provide the high level of service our learners expect from Essential Teaching UK.

What do your learners think about home learning?

People think they dislike change - especially when it happens overnight. Classroom lessons have moved to virtual workshops; classroom visits to Google Meet; and of course, paper portfolios to online portfolios. But stop the press – learners love it! They like that they can find everything they need in one place...

How have you used OneFile to support your remote working?

OneFile and OneFile app are amazing. The ability to work across multiple devices – Windows computers, Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, iOS and Android – means our learners can work, learn, develop and grow wherever they are – at home, in the garden or during working hours wherever that may be.

Are there any features in particular that have helped?

During lockdown, the OneFile app has shown its real value and many learners have used it to take photos, video teaching practice and as a pocket scanner to upload written submissions. We’ve almost developed our IQA/EQA processes to ensure no hardcopies of learners’ submissions need to be posted – reducing both cost and the risk of contamination.

How are you tracking engagement?

Learners love OneFile, but so do tutors too! They love the ability to track activities and set individual teaching, learning and assessment plans so setting SMART targets and planning reviews are easy. With the added resources to share screens via Google Meet, it ensures learners experience the whole learning support.

What advice would you give to other centres to help them adapt to remote working?

Are you using Google Classroom, Moodle or other online platforms? If so, for the learner experience and the ability to empower self-directed learning, it is a must that you get everything in one place. OneFile has ensured we are still delivering today – not one class has been cancelled during the current lockdown. This wouldn’t have been possible without OneFile.


Gavin Lumsden, CEO & Director of Education & Training | Essential Teaching UK


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