Exeter College

Exeter College

Sue Bright is the Operations & Quality Manager for Apprenticeships at Exeter College. With a vibrant student body ranging from 10,000 to 12,000 strong, it is vital to get things right from the very start. Exeter College has recently attained an OUTSTANDING grade in their latest Ofsted audit. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to learner progression and excellence. For nearly 15 years, Exeter College has remained a dedicated customer of OneFile, an exceptional partnership that fuels their mission to empower learners and unlock their boundless potential.   

Exeter College serves a broad range of students and employers, from small to large companies, and offers various courses, including apprenticeships. The college have been a OneFile customer for around 15 years and praise the platform's continuous innovation and investment. Sue emphasizes that OneFile has been critical in achieving an outstanding rating during their Ofsted inspection, acting as a One-Stop shop for all evidence gathering. She believes having an Eportfolio like OneFile is vital in today's society for easy access to learner information. In summary, Sue describes OneFile as their go-to solution for maintaining apprenticeship quality.

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