Interserve Learning and Employment

Interserve Learning and Employment

“We reviewed six e-portfolio systems in the marketplace and shortlisted this down to three suppliers... OneFile was quite simply the best!” 
Based in Sheffield, Interserve Learning and Employment support over 65,000 people each and every year to get into work or training. Wayne Lord, Director of IT, explains how OneFile has helped Interserve Learning and Employment overcome previous issues and deliver a better service to learners.

"Before moving to OneFile, Interserve Learning and Employment assessed using a paper based system. This led to issues around time delays, lack of visibility or progress and the cost implications of postage, printing and paper. We also wanted to get ahead of the competition.

"We had used other e-portfolios in various parts of the business in the past and feedback had not been great. This time, we reviewed six e-portfolio systems marketplace and shortlisted this down to three suppliers. OneFile was quite simply the best. OneFile ticked all of the boxes for us; it was cost effective, innovative and easily integrated with our existing systems. Most importantly it was the most user friendly system and this was very important for our users and learners.”

Helping to improve quality

“It has had a big impact on quality at Interserve Learning and Employment, with Ofsted recently commenting that ‘where assessors use the electronic portfolio, this helps motivate apprentices to achieve more quickly and monitor their own progress.

“With OneFile, the process of assessment and quality assurance is transparent to all parties involved. Having this visibility offers substantial information on reporting and understanding the learner journey. This allows for more proactive management and improved performance, which a paper-based system just cannot provide.”

Top quality training

“We were impressed that OneFile offers training and system development free of charge, too. As an organisation, it is sometimes difficult to understand the true implementation and running costs over the life of a project, but OneFile has a simple license structure which includes all service, support, development and training. Finance managers always know where they stand, and return on investment is very easily measured. This really helped to support the business case and has allowed us to invest savings on newer technology.”

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