The British Racing School

The British Racing School

"Ofsted were particularly pleased with our use of OneFile."

We are a training provider for the horse racing industry and the equine sector. We started using OneFile for Study Programmes, Apprenticeships and privately funded students in January 2014.

Reputation matters

“When looking for an eportfolio system we were looking for a reputable company, offering a competitive price with a system that was easy to use.”

Assessment methods can now be varied!

“We use most features, but being able to capture video evidence of learner’s progress is an excellent way for us to assess. Using an eportfolio system captures live evidence. It allows a wide range of assessment methods to be used. It saves paper and enables IVs, EVs and Administrators to track progress of learners throughout their programme.”

Ofsted approval

"In December 2015 we underwent an Ofsted inspection who were particularly pleased with our use of OneFile and its features.”

We recommend OneFile

“The support we receive from OneFile really helped us to get started, and still does. The British Racing School would definitely recommend OneFile to anyone looking for an eportfolio for delivering these types of qualifications.“

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