Blackpool and The Fylde College

Blackpool and The Fylde College

“OneFile has enhanced the relationship between the learner and their programme of study”
With a national reputation for innovation and excellence in learning, Blackpool and The Fylde College is attended by several thousand adult students every year, many of whom are supported through work-based learning.

“Following a pilot system, the College chose OneFile as its preferred e-portfolio system and has now rolled it out across the college.”

“The introduction of OneFile was expected to attain savings on time and resources, but we’ve also obtained unexpected benefits such as improvements in retention, achievement and success rates.”

Independent endorsement

“Since its introduction, OneFile has gained positive feedback from students, teaching staff, external examiners and other colleges.”

“After an EV visit in May 2011, for example, the examiner commented:  ‘The use of OneFile enables a very efficient system of evidence gathering, assessment and IQA making life easier for both staff and learners. It has also bred a kind of competitiveness among the learners, who like to see how quickly they can make the progress bar move up its scale. There is discipline there, too, as assessors have to keep up with the learners during assessment making it a very proficient service all-round.’

Enabling remote learning

Distance is also no longer an issue, with one learner using OneFile in America to complete and submit work for assessment.

The introduction of OneFile has given us an excellent opportunity to plan and assess students in work-based settings, allowing for better communication and increased employer engagement.

OneFile has enhanced the relationship between the learner and their programme of study. It motivates learners to achieve, while providing the College with management information to support the learners in achieving.

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