How does OneFile increase learner engagement?

OneFile is proven to increase engagement – but how?

How does OneFile increase learner engagement?

When learners feel in control of their learning, have a consistent workflow, and can see how learning activities impact their overall progress, they’re more engaged. If they can complete work in a way that suits them – whether that’s on their smartphone, using interactive content, or at home. And if learners have the opportunity to reflect on their learning and see their progress increase, they’ll be more engaged too.

We know that OneFile is proven to increase learner engagement – but how?

OneFile has tons of built-in features that make it easier for learners to take an active role in their learning – like progress dashboards, learning journal, evaluation scorecard and multimedia content. Learners love using OneFile – it's how they want to learn.

Here’s exactly how OneFile increases learner engagement:

Progress dashboards

With OneFile’s progress dashboards, learners can see exactly how they’re progressing – motivating them to complete more and see their totals increase. They can see how individual assignments impact their overall outcome, which is really motivating.

Online alerts

Learners are automatically sent alerts to let them know what activities they have to complete. Tutors are then alerted if learners complete work before the deadline, so they can set more activities and keep the momentum going.

Learners are more engaged when their workflow is consistent, they feel supported and they don’t have to wait for more work to be set.

Learning journal

With the learning journal, learners can reflect on their learning – helping them retain more information and stay engaged. Their entries are displayed in a social-media-style feed, so they can access their reflections easily.

“I love the learning journal as it’s so user-friendly. I can attach audio recordings, pictures and word documents that show immediate progress on any work I have completed. It’s great!”

Lian, L3 team leader and supervisor apprentice | Interlearn

Evaluation scorecard

Learners can rate their progression on a customisable scale. Learners work with tutors and employers to rate their learning and can see their scores increase as they progress, which encourages to take an active role in their learning.

Multimedia content

With OneFile, learners can access multimedia learning content – including videos, tutorials, resources and quizzes. They can test their knowledge as they go, helping them stay engaged.

Offline apps

With OneFile’s eportfolio and Learning Hub apps, learners can log in to OneFile wherever they are – at home, in the classroom or at work. They can also use their smartphones to capture evidence and complete work. It’s how learners want to learn.

“Our learners are so engaged – and their eportfolios are so easily accessible, they continue to work on their assignments at home. This would never have happened before! They’re really motivated by seeing their progress increase in OneFile when they complete their work.”

Kevin Tedds, software developer and on-call crew manager | Nottingham Fire and Rescue

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