OneFile and Turnitin integration: how does it work?

Find out how the OneFile and Turnitin integration can support your degree apprenticeship delivery.

OneFile and Turnitin integration: how does it work?

OneFile is the UK’s leading apprenticeship software, so it makes sense that the system integrates with the UK’s leading plagiarism checker – Turnitin. Together, learners at the UK’s top universities, training providers and colleges can check the authenticity of their work in one place.

What is OneFile?

OneFile is used by over 1.7 million people to deliver, manage and track apprenticeships. Apprentices can complete the entire learning journey online – from accessing learning content to submitting assignments. That’s used by over 30 top UK universities to deliver higher and degree apprenticeships.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin helps education institutions maintain their academic integrity by checking for plagiarism and authorship in students’ work. When learners submit their assignments, Turnitin detects any issues and displays them to the learner and tutor.

How does the integration work?

With the OneFile and Turnitin integration, both systems work together so learners can submit their work and check its authenticity in one place.

When learners complete their assignment, they can upload a Word document or pdf to their portfolio in OneFile as normal. Then, they simply click to submit their work to Turnitin, and their originality score will be displayed as a percentage alongside the attachment. Learners can check their similarity score and see if any other issues have been detected. Tutors are notified that a learner has submitted work and are prompted to provide feedback.

Learners don’t have to switch systems to submit their work, and tutors can provide effective support in one place.

How do I get the integration?

If you’re already a OneFile and Turnitin customer, please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss adding the integration.

If you’re not a Turnitin customer, you’ll need to speak to them directly to purchase a Turnitin license. The integration is super easy to set up and use, once you’re up and running, please contact your Customer Success Manager

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