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Higher and degree apprenticeships are disrupting higher education. They meet employer demands, diversify student population, increase social mobility, and allow universities to access new income streams. The benefits are huge, but they’re completely new to HEIs.

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Compared to traditional undergraduate programmes, degree apprenticeships are delivered, regulated and assessed in different ways, so faculties need a robust system to manage the entire process – and that’s where OneFile comes in.
OneFile has been a leader in the apprenticeship sector for 15 years. We know how apprenticeships work, so we're here to help. 

Our learning software has all the integrated features you need to deliver quality higher and degree apprenticeships – including a built-in eportfolio, course builder, learning journal and evaluation scorecard. With OneFile, you can manage the entire apprenticeship journey online, so faculties have full visibility, can track learner progress instantly and collaborate with employers easily. 

“Each degree apprenticeship component – degree, workplace competency requirements and end-point assessment – has been built in OneFile. This enables progress to be tracked and recorded across the entire apprenticeship – not just the degree component.”

John Pratt, head of apprenticeship management

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Increase learner engagement

Improve completion rates

Increase efficiency

Improve data management

Increase employer buy-in

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OneFile is already used by more than 30 UK universities to deliver higher and degree apprenticeship programmes – from nursing apprenticeships to estate management.

The Open University

“We’re extremely happy with OneFile – the software works for our needs and our Customer Success Manager goes above and beyond to support us!

Ben Taylor-Campbell, account manager

University of Law 

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