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Compared to traditional undergraduate programmes, degree apprenticeships are delivered, regulated and assessed in different ways, so faculties need a robust system to manage the entire process – and that’s where OneFile comes in.
OneFile has been a leader in the apprenticeship sector for 15 years. We know how apprenticeships work, so we're here to help. 

Our learning software has all the integrated features you need to deliver quality higher and degree apprenticeships – including a built-in eportfolio, course builder, learning journal, evaluation scorecard and off-the-job tracker. With OneFile, faculties have full visibility of the entire apprenticeship journey, so they can plan activities, collaborate with employers and track progression online.

Turnitin integration!

OneFile integrates with the UK’s leading authentication checker – Turnitin. When learners upload work to OneFile, they simply click to submit it to Turnitin, and their originality score will be displayed as a percentage. Learners don’t have to switch systems and providers stay complaint – easy.

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“OneFile has been great for tracking apprentices. It gives mentors visibility over their apprentices’ progression so they can find out who needs extra support. OneFile records the entire evidence trail which is really important.”

John Plummer, senior lecturer
Edge Hill University

Save money

Reduce costs

OneFile delivers huge returns on investment. All training is delivered online, so there's no paperwork, expensive textbooks or storage costs.


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Increase student engagement

Students are more engaged as they can learn online. They can access learning content, evaluate their skills and complete work wherever they are.

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Improve completion rates

Tutors have the insights they need to provide personalised feedback to support learners to the EPA  – improving grades and completion rates.

Stay compliant

Increase efficiency

Tutors and employers can complete remote visits and agree progress online. This means increased productivity, financial savings and increased caseloads.

Streamline processes

Improve data management

Information is GDPR-compliant and securely stored in one place, so it's easy accessible for audits and inspections. You can use our built-in reports or create your own.

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Increase employer buy-in

OneFile has tons of features that make it easy for employers to support their learners and collaborate with HEIs – like employer logins, reports and communication tools.

Top the league tables

OneFile is already used by more than 20 UK universities to deliver higher and degree apprenticeship programmes – from legal apprenticeships to chartered management apprenticeships.

The Open University
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“We’re extremely happy with OneFile – the software works for our needs and our Customer Success Manager goes above and beyond to support us!

Ben Taylor-Campbell, account manager

University of Law 

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Not on the RoATP?

All universities that want to deliver degree apprenticeships have to register on the RoATP (Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers). Over 80 HEIs have already joined the register, and as degree apprenticeships continue to grow in popularity, more and more are expected to register over the next few years.

Find out more about RoATP and use our step-by-step guide to the application below.