What are traineeships? How can you use OneFile to deliver them?

Traineeships are a great opportunity for learners and employers.

What are traineeships? How can you use OneFile to deliver them?

Traineeships have been given a new lease of life recently. In July 2020, the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced a range of incentives to encourage employers to invest in training – including a £1,000 bonus for each traineeship learner an employer takes on. Employers can claim the bonus for up to 10 trainees per company.

What are traineeships?

Traineeships were introduced in 2013 as a flagship employability programme. They’re available to 16-24-year olds (and 25-year olds with an education health and care plan) who are qualified below level 4.

Traineeships can last between 6 weeks and 6 months. During the course, trainees take part in work placements, learn transferable skills like communication and time management, and gain experience of life in the workplace. Trainees must complete at least 100 hours of work experience during their placement, up to a maximum of 240 hours over 6 months. If the employer has a relevant opportunity available, trainees are guaranteed an interview for an apprenticeship or job at the end of the programme.

How do traineeships benefit learners and employers?

Traineeships give learners that don't have the relevant qualifications or experience for employment a foot in the door. This gives them the opportunity to learn the skills, knowledge, behaviours, experience and confidence they need to succeed at work. They can use their traineeship to prove their worth and secure employment at the end of the course.

Traineeships enable employers to hire and train new staff at no extra cost. The training is funded by the ESFA and now employers receive a £1,000 bonus for each trainee they employ – it's a great opportunity for employers to invest in the right people for their business.

Using OneFile to deliver traineeships

OneFile is the UK’s leading apprenticeship software, but it can be used for traineeships too. The system is very flexible, so it has everything you need to deliver, manage, track and report on traineeship progress.

With OneFile, training providers can create learning resources, set activities, offer feedback and monitor progress online. Employers can log in to collaborate with tutors, provide feedback to learners and monitor their trainees’ progression.

Trainees can record their entire traineeship online. They can complete tasks, upload evidence, test their knowledge, complete self-reflections and track their own progression online. Trainees can record the actual hours spent on placement to make sure they meet the 100-hour minimum. They can also build a portfolio of evidence throughout their traineeship to showcase their skills in the interview. If the trainee secures an apprenticeship at the end of their placement, they’ll already have a portfolio of evidence to build upon during their apprenticeship.

"We are currently using OneFile for all our Traineeship learners. They love it and so do we. The training modules are fabulous - thank you OneFile."

Amanda Lodge-Stewart, Vice President | NHBF


Trainees can also use OneFile to complete Functional Skills in English and maths.

To find out more about using OneFile to deliver traineeships, download your ultimate guide to traineeships.

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