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10 ways eportfolios benefit tutors, assessors and providers

10 big benefits of eportfolios – from time savings to improved quality.

10 ways eportfolios benefit tutors, assessors and providers

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If you're thinking about using an eportfolio, you're in good company.  

Colleges, universities and training providers across the country have already taken the plunge. In fact, thousands of organisations are now using eportfolios to manage all types of vocational training – from staff development to degree apprenticeships 

So why are they so popular? Because the benefits are endless!

1. Save time

Eportfolios save time across the board. As everything is managed online, staff don’t have to waste time looking for paperwork, getting accurate information from learners, identifying gaps in learning, or travelling between learners. They can manage the whole process at the touch of a button.  

2. Save money

Eportfolios significantly reduce paper, printing, travel and storage costs. For many organisations, these expenses run into the thousands, so the savings are significant.  

3. Clear communication 

Most eportfolios have integrated messaging features so communication is easy. Staff can set projects, send feedback and share reports instantly, or arrange Skype meetings to communicate face-to-face. 

4. Access anytime, anywhere

A good eportfolio will have an offline app so staff can work anytime, anywhere, on any device. It means tutors can use their smartphones to collect evidence, plan activities and sign off work – even if they're offline or in a remote location.  

5. Easy planning

Tutors can create planning templates and assign them to multiple learners. Or for specific learning aims, tutors can use the eportfolio to identify any gaps in learning and plan activities to target them.  

6. Quick reporting

From progress reports to management reports, your staff can find the exact information they need at the touch of a button. All data is recorded automatically, so reports are always accurate, up to date and ready to use.  

7. Super security 

Eportfolios have robust security features so data cannot be lost, stolen or modified. Assignments are stored online, fully encrypted and verified using auditable electronic signatures. 

8. Increased quality 

With an eportfolio, the full audit trail is recorded online and visible to tutors, managers and QAs. This means instead of trawling through paperwork, staff can just log in to their eportfolio to find the information they need – so centres are always inspection ready. 

9. Improved productivity

Eportfolios save time, reduce travelling and streamline the whole training process. It means staff – and learners – can complete more work in less time. What could be better than that? 

10. All-in-one learning

The best eportfolios have tons of built-in features so staff can use one system to manage all aspects of their training. Most eportfolios have reporting suites and assessment centres... some have offline apps... but only one in the world has a fully integrated virtual learning environment (VLE). And that eportfolio is OneFile.  

OneFile's VLE fully integrates with our eportfolio so you can build content, map criteria, track progress and send feedback in one unified system. It's also the only VLE with preloaded standards and an integrated reporting suite.  

OneFile is one of a kind – so it's no wonder OneFile is the most popular eportfolio on the market, used by over 1 million people around the globe. To find out more about OneFile – including how it works, what customers think, and how it benefits tutors, assessors, employers and learners – download our free guide 

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