Quality policy


Specific quality objectives will be set and reviewed through our management review process. To help achieve these, we will maintain a quality system that meets BS EN ISO9001- “Quality Management Systems - Requirements”.

We will strive to continually improve our performance by regularly evaluating our products and services and identifying actions that our objectives are achieve and that problems are prevented.


In order for the policy to be implemented the following actions must be undertaken:

  1. Quality objectives and related measures to be set by the company and monitored throughout the year.
  2. Quality measures to be reviewed at least once per year at the management review meeting to ensure that they are still relevant
  3. A management review will take place on an annual basis to review all of the points relevant to the maintenance of a quality system in compliance with BS EN ISO9001, these being:-
    1. Review of the organisaitonal context of the business and updating of the risk and opportunities log
    2. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the quality management system
    3. Performance and conformity of our products and systems
    4. Review of non conformity and corrective actions resulting from external and  internal audit
    5. Approval of Quality measures for the coming year
    6. Review of the adequacy of resources
    7. Opportunities for improvement
    8. Review of training and development needs of the company
    9. Review of the organizational knowledge of the company
  4. Successful maintenance of the ISO9001 accreditation

Version 2
Last reviewed: 24th September 2023